Sumo Digital coming up with SEGA ideas

Steve Lycett, producer at Sumo Digital has confirmed he is not dead, neither am I, we have something in common! He has also confirmed he does not own a PS3. The more we know about Steve the more we feel like we can hang out with him in real life and watch Friends re-runs.

“I’m not dead, honest

I’d have a job playing the PS3 version, I don’t own a PS3! So sadly I’ll have to decline this for the moment. I’m also mad busy getting new stuff off the ground here at Sumo, nothing we can talk about just yet, just free time’s not been something I’ve had in abundance these last few weeks…”

Well of course, this post is not about if Steve owns a PS3 or not (or if he is dead), its about what Sumo is working on with SEGA. So the following quote please!

I’m not working on the Dr. Who game, I’m actually pretty jealous of the guys who are! I can’t go into any details sadly on the new stuff, right now we’ve got a few ideas brewing SEGA wise though

SEGA ideas, huh? Well, I will give you guys a free idea right now. Fuku-San’s Piggy Bank Break Out. A Fuku-San theme game show? You’re welcomed.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]


2 responses to “Sumo Digital coming up with SEGA ideas

  1. Orta says:

    I beat Steve on Virtua Tennis 2009. It made my day to see him in the game. 😆

  2. Sharky says:

    More kart Racing? YES!

    Fighting like Powerstone? YES!!

    Sports? no… just no.

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