Yakuza: Dead Souls trailer – how to kill zombies

If there is one thing I’m an expert at, its knowing how to kill zombies. I have studied the art since I was a mere child, watching Lucio Fulci and George A. Romero  zombie flicks. Now I get to test my skill in the new upcoming Yakuza: Dead Souls games. I’m ready, are you?

Yakuza of the End copies snuck into retail

The delay for Yakuza of the End was pretty last minute, so much so that SEGA already shipped some copies of the game before it was cancelled. SEGA said they would be pulling shipped copies, but apparently some made it to their destination (pictured above). The retailer received 60 copies of the game, which they said they are sending back to SEGA.

Nagoshi updated his blog stating that the delay was hard on the team, they hard pride on knowing that they delivered every single Yakuza title without delay.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Goro Majima’s story in Yakuza of the End…

It seems that poor Majima will be playing the ‘bitten hero’ in the latest Yakuza installment. After his eyes start to turn red, he starts to worry about himself becoming one of the undead. He tells Kazuma and Misuzu Asaki that he can no longer travel with the pair due to being bitten.

He then takes refuge with Daigo Dojima in a shopping mall in Kamuroco Hills. It’s a zombie game, of course there will be a mall somewhere! They then get rescued by homeless people (bum power) and run into the Florist of Sai. Where his journey takes him you will have to play the game to find out.

Also, this is how I also hold my shotgun for press renders.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Wondering how Ryuji Goda got a Gatling Gun arm?


Ryuji Goda was the main villain in Yakuza 2, he held the title of Dragon of Kansai. Now? Now he has a big ass gun for an arm. How did this happen?

He actually wanted the new arm, it seems. After what happened in the Yakuza 2 (go play it and find out), Goda became a target for people trying to climb up the power ladder, and was always under attack. So to end his troubles, he decided to ask an old man named “Gun Smith” (clever name? LOL) to make his arm into a gatling gun.

After he got the arm, he wondered what he would be using it for and just like that, zombies start appearing and his arm basically paid itself off.

Here are your Yakuza of the End Japanese commercials

Yakuza of the End is having two commercials running on the television right now. One (above) is called “Game Version,” and the one after the break is called “Story Version.”  Now you can walk around your neighborhood screaming:


You can now hit the jump to view the next advert and wish Yakuza 4 and this one came out back to back.

Yakzua of the End features monsters

We already know that Yakuza of the End will feature zombies, we covered this for many posts. This time we will start off this posts with the monsters in the game. The one above is called “Tsuchigumo”, which is actually based on legend. Then there is the Basan, which has dragon wings and can fly (pictured below).

Some of the other zombies already confirmed are tribal, which are the street fighters and the bloated ones that look disgusting. They will leak acid while you shoot them.

Monsters of Yakuza of the End

[Source: Siliconera]

Two new Yakuza: Of the End Trailers – Amazing!

With every new trailer and every new bit of information we come across the crazy Yakuza spin off title ‘Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of the End’ AKA ‘Yakuza: Of the End’ just looks better and better.

I hope with this title the series starts to get the recognition it deserves in the West because Sega pulled off a pretty amazing feet putting out a Yakuza game the size of any good RPG pretty much year on year and each time it has got better and better with the exception of Yakuza 3 which didn’t quite live up to the events of Yakuza 2, story wise in my opinion. With this and the English release of Yakuza 4 I’m going to be deep in the Japanese underworld all year in 2011!

Hit the Jump for trailer two!

Yakuza of the End zombie types detailed

[Sexy zombie researcher? Check]

You can’t just have a game with zombies, that doesn’t work. You have to have classes of zombies, every game has to have a variety of these brain munchers and Yakuza of the End is no different. Famitsu this week introduced a few of the classes you can expect in the full game.

  • Yakuza type: These are those annoying people that challenged you to fights in former games at random, now sharp dressed zombies. They aren’t very strong.
  • Nakionna Type: “Nakionna” is those women you see crying at funerals. Them, as zombies, will scream for back up. Take ’em out!
  • Homeless Zombie: Homeless people are zombies too, you know? Even though they are zombies, they act the same… however homeless people act.

If you haven’t seen the other pictures, that lady in white is Reiko Hasegawa, a sexy zombie researcher. She will keep you informed on all your zombie craving news.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Photographs of SEGA at TGS

The guys over at SEGA Online have posted 66 photos of SEGA at TGS. So sit back, put on Pictures of You by the Cure and  enjoy the photographs. Did I mention most of the photographs are of women?

If I did not know any better and just saw the photos, I would assume that Japanese females that love to cosplay dominated TGS. They just walked around by the thousands. It is a nice feeling to have.

For the photos, check out SEGAonline.

Yakuza of the End TGS 2010 trailer

The game is looking incredible. I hope this game gets a western release. It seems that Haruka has been kidnapped and there are zombies everywhere. Oh, Kazuma is going to have to beat them up and force them to give him money.

Transforming hands to machine guns, Goro with a shotgun? Where do I get this game, I want!

Yakuza of the End is full of zombies [Update]

Seriously, seems that Nagoshi was serious when he said he could make a Yakuza zombie game. The latest screens in the newst Famitsu is filled with the undead.

Is this SEGA’s answer to Dead Rising? You know how we Westerners love our zombies. Should be a interesting TGS, Nagoshi posing with zombie hookers.

[UPDATE: More scans, including some gun action gameplay screens!]

Sumo Digital coming up with SEGA ideas

Steve Lycett, producer at Sumo Digital has confirmed he is not dead, neither am I, we have something in common! He has also confirmed he does not own a PS3. The more we know about Steve the more we feel like we can hang out with him in real life and watch Friends re-runs.

“I’m not dead, honest

I’d have a job playing the PS3 version, I don’t own a PS3! So sadly I’ll have to decline this for the moment. I’m also mad busy getting new stuff off the ground here at Sumo, nothing we can talk about just yet, just free time’s not been something I’ve had in abundance these last few weeks…”

Well of course, this post is not about if Steve owns a PS3 or not (or if he is dead), its about what Sumo is working on with SEGA. So the following quote please!

I’m not working on the Dr. Who game, I’m actually pretty jealous of the guys who are! I can’t go into any details sadly on the new stuff, right now we’ve got a few ideas brewing SEGA wise though

SEGA ideas, huh? Well, I will give you guys a free idea right now. Fuku-San’s Piggy Bank Break Out. A Fuku-San theme game show? You’re welcomed.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]