Thor Video Game: Off Screen Teaser Trailer

Direct from Comic-Con, here is the teaser trailer for SEGA’s upcoming Thor game. It really doesn’t show off a whole lot, but we do at least see a bit of what could be in-game graphics.

In addition, Comics Alliance has some photos of the game’s concept art. Hit the jump for a few choice examples!

[SOURCE: Comics Alliance]


5 responses to “Thor Video Game: Off Screen Teaser Trailer

  1. Autosaver says:

    Those N64 graphics rock! How did they do it?

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I checked out the shitty developer behind Thor and most of their games received either a 6 or less.

  3. Autosaver says:

    Sega =/= Quality control

  4. Who is the dev? Marvel Studios?

    edit: scratch that, just saw the post in the forums. Well, at least the Wii and DS versions will possibly be good.

  5. Sega Uranus says:

    6/10 is apparently the worst score in the world ever ever now.

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