My Life with SEGA battles it out in Marvel Super Heroes for the SEGA Saturn

Marvel Super Heroes was Capcom’s follow-up to their equally successful X-Men: Children of the Atom fighting game.

Like its predecessor, Marvel Super Heroes shares much in common with Capcom’s prolific Street Fighter series with over-the-top anime-style action, combo system and so on. While the arcade game was first released in 1995, console gamers wouldn’t receive a home port until late 1997 on Sony PlayStation and, of course, SEGA Saturn.

The Saturn version is fantastic. The animation is like an explosion of color that’s very faithful to the arcade original, with an energetic soundtrack and kick-ass sound effects. Now that Lauren’s joined the League of Extraordinary Dorks, I feel it’s high-time I make her suffer for NHL ’94.

FUN FACT: The American version is the one and only game outside of Japan that supports the RAM cartridge. To learn more about this delightful peripheral, check out the episode of My Life with SEGA dedicated to it!

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Swingin’ Report Show #29: Crossover Mayhem


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Reconfirmed: SEGA is no longer publishing Marvel games

I woke up this morning seeing a bunch of sites reporting that SEGA was no longer publishing Marvel games, as if this was a new discovery. Sadly, SEGA had confirmed this in an interview with Alan Pritchard for Game Informer back in December of 2010. In that interview he said that SEGA was not going to be publishing Marvel games after Thor and Captain America.
Now lets go forward to 2012, this is making rounds as something new. It isn’t. Old news, new mouth. Earlier today HollywoodReporter posted an interview with Marvel’s TQ Jefferson. TQ Jefferson is vp games production for Marvel, when asked if SEGA was going to publish any further Marvel properties he responded with.

“There are no current plans for additional Marvel games to be published by Sega.”

Again, nothing new. But hey, now we got it confirmed by both SEGA and Marvel.

Thor: God Of Thunder only shares some story elements with movie

Unlike the good looking Cap’n America game that SEGA is putting out, Thor has been in development for two years according to PlayStation Universe, and still looks like crap. I suggest overlooking this one. Maybe if you’re bored and up for a good laugh, check it out a few years from now when it’s cheaper than those Burger King 360 games that are everywhere at used game shops.

Anyway, I guess the story is good and somewhat original, and it has a score set by Inon Zur, who composed music for Dragon Age II. Looks like that’s it.

[Source: PlayStation Universe]

Captain America: Super Soldier has been in development since 2008

As if we needed another reason to compliment this game. It already looks miles better than the best parts of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: God Of Thunder. The combat and gameplay looks smooth and pretty polished. The story even looks pretty good.

And now, we find out that this title has been given a three year development cycle. Going off of SEGA’s track record with movie games, this is very rare.

Also of note is that the development company, Next Level Games (Super Mario Strikers, Transformers: Cybertron, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon), convinced SEGA and Marvel to let them write their own original story for the game. They even brought in Christos Gage, a Marvel writer, to craft it.

Captain America is coming to the 360, Wii, 3DS, DS, PS3, and PSP on July 19th in North America, and July 15th in Europe.

[Source: PlayStation Universe]

Thor & Captain America games at WonderCon

Behind the scenes with Thor

Thor: God Of Thunder

SEGA appeared at WonderCon in San Francisco last week, and showed off their two remaining Marvel games: Captain America: Super Soldier, and Thor: God Of Thunder. Above is a new behind the scenes look at Thor, and a very bad looking Thor trailer for the Wii. Over at the SEGA Blogs, they also included that awful looking Captain America Wii trailer that I previously reported on.

So, what do the SEGAbits readers think of these two games? I think Captain America is looking a lot better than Thor, and I hope SEGA will strive for this quality anytime they ever think about making another license game.

[Source: SEGA]

Thor: God of Thunder first details

Thor: God of Thunder will be the game for the Thor movie, coming out next year. SEGA has given up some information regarding the title at this year’s New York Comic-Con.

Actually one of the first bits of information we know now, is the name, God of Thunder. That is new. It is also done by Liquid Entertainment (Rise of the Argonauts). We actually knew this bit of information, just refreshing your memory. The game is also being written by Matt Fraction.

[Source: PSblog]

Thor and Captain America concept art

Above is the concept art for both Thor and Captain America. This is to show off what their on screen outfits will look like. I have to say, the Captain America one is passable, but I do not like the Thor one that much.

If you did not know, SEGA will also be making a Thor and Captain America game based on the upcoming motion pictures. Hopefully they turn out better than the Iron Man games.

[Source Collider & Ain’t It Cool]