Sonic the Hedgehog to cameo in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

We’ve known of Eggman’s cameo in the upcoming Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph, as well as a few other SEGA cameos, but what about SEGA’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog? At the Comic Con Wreck-It Ralph panel it was revealed that Sonic will in fact appear in the movie by way of a PSA warning video game characters that if they die in a game that is not their own, they will not regenerate and will cease to exist permanently. No word on who will be voicing Sonic, or if he will be speaking at all, but fingers crossed for Roger Craig Smith. It would just be odd to hear yet another voice coming from Sonic. I’d assume that the proper voice would be something SEGA would require when using the character, given it’s their brand and not Disney’s. Wreck-It Ralph, along with a slew of retro and modern video game characters, hits theaters this November in the US.


11 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog to cameo in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

  1. RT says:

    Or ya use no voice for Sonic, have his 16-bit self act out the scene, and just let a narrator explain things.

  2. Jason says:

    I hope there’s some toe-tapping

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    Sonic better not die in this movie.

  4. Centrale says:

    As someone who grew up with what’s now referred to as “pixel art,” I notice the details that always get screwed up. Like the way the shadows and highlights are half the size of the pixels that comprise the lettering.

  5. batfax says:

    Maybe in a Sonic Sez segment…

  6. sonicplayer says:

    And in return, Ralph was playable in saart (I’m not kidding, he is playable).

  7. Don’t die Sonic please…

  8. sonicplayer says:

    there’s video footage on youtube available

  9. Gnat1 says:

    whoa, thats awesome! for the first time since I was like… 9, I cannot wait to see a Disney movie 🙂

  10. :motherofgodplz: My mind just obliterated by the sight of Sonic in a Disney film! :O

    Definitely gonna go see it with my buds on the premiere day! XD


  11. sonic1196 says:

    I think they said something about sonic talking to ralph about being a hero too though I may be wrong

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