MadWorld poster spotted in new Weeds episode

Something I like to do is look for SEGA related things in shows. Its like my fetish, my sick pathetic fetish.

In the newest episode of Weeds (Season 6, Episode 2), the Botwins are on the run and need to get new identities. So what do they do? Get fake IDs from a nerd. No seriously, look at him, he is a real mouth breather.

Oh, he also goes by the “Chinaman” in the show. I guess its some weird nerdy kung fu white kid stereotype thing?

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3 responses to “MadWorld poster spotted in new Weeds episode

  1. matty says:

    Is that a poster that game with the game?

    I heard this season (or last season?) of Weeds was crap. Season 1 was …okay, I guess.

  2. George says:

    The ending of Season 5 was pretty cool. I enjoyed all seasons so far. None of them are outstanding.

  3. Is he running Windows on his Mac? He truly is a nerd.

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