Sega uploads a preview of Sakura Wars Kanadegumi Anime

With the stage show coming in next month. The anime adaptation is also in the works based on the original manga that’s focused on the Kanadegumi (performance) group. It also seems Ogami and Taiga may not be the only guy with spiritual power in the Sakura Taisen universe, these boys can destroy demons with the power of music. The main theme song for the anime is called “Waltz, to you” by the Kanadegumi group. I’m hoping to see some reference from previous Sakura Taisen games.

SEGA shows a preview of the new Sakura Taisen Stage Show

There’s a new Sakura Taisen stage play coming up next month. This doesn’t mean a new game, but it focuses on the Kanadegumi (performance) group from the latest manga which stars a new character named Neo Miyabi and the five main characters. An anime adaptation is also in the works. The play will run from November 1st to the 11th.

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Closed Beta Trailer & Info

A clearer video of the Dengeki Event video has been uploaded to the internet, titled “PSO2 Closed Beta New Elements.” The trailer details some of the new features players will come across in the closed beta. Mags baby!

Closed Beta Features

  • Now the lobby from the Alpha Test has expanded into two areas. There’s a Gate area and Shop area, with some new facilities like the Medical Center.
  • New weapon category, Partisans that has a “twirl” move which can fill up the “gear gauge.” It’s quicker than the sword and can hit surrounding enemies.
  • Launchers, it is heavier than the assault rifle, so you can’t move and shoot at the same time. Its projectiles can give explosive damage.
  • Talis (Cards), like a shooting weapon, you can just throw it to give damage. Or, you can throw it and cast technics off of it.
  • Mags, an artificial life form that grows up when you feed it items. It can attack enemies directly if it becomes a “Striking” type Mag. If it is a “Range” type mag, it can shoot from a distance from the player’s position. It can offer support to the player too. With an item called a “device”, actions can be added by specific conditions.
    Photon Blasts, by filling the blast gauge, mags can transform into a mythical beast and fight alongside with the player.

    Phantasy Star Online 2′s second Media Briefing will take place on Monday March 26th, 2012 @ 13:30 JST. It will feature infomation about the closed beta, billing infomation, future development schedule and new game information.


Phantasy Star Online 2 Media Briefing – Fan Subbed!

[Part 1]

I’m sure any avid PSO fan remembers that not so long ago there was a media briefing in Japan for Phantasy Star Online 2, given by the games producer ‘Dragon Sakai’ (Satoshi Sakai). The problem with Japanese media briefings is that, well, they’re in Japanese, a made up language that nobody really understands, similar to talking in tongues.

Thankfully fans exist and so the fan dub was born and so at long last we can present the entire Media Briefing subbed in English. The briefing was translated by Jeremiah Bourque while Ian R. Justman and Velocity7 who did the audio editing, and subtitling, so give them all a round of applause!

Hit the jump for part 2 and part 3 of the briefing!

MadWorld poster spotted in new Weeds episode

Something I like to do is look for SEGA related things in shows. Its like my fetish, my sick pathetic fetish.

In the newest episode of Weeds (Season 6, Episode 2), the Botwins are on the run and need to get new identities. So what do they do? Get fake IDs from a nerd. No seriously, look at him, he is a real mouth breather.

Oh, he also goes by the “Chinaman” in the show. I guess its some weird nerdy kung fu white kid stereotype thing?

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