The Conduit 2 fact sheet (What you need to know)

Here is a fact sheet about the upcoming (and recently delayed) Conduit 2. Ignore my silly fact above, that is sadly not on the list. Read on to learn all the ‘facts’ about Conduit 2.

Conduit 2 Fact Sheet – Launch Date: 2011, Players: 1-12

Set moments after the explosive finale of The Conduit, Agent Michael Ford finds himself thrust once again into the machinations of the sinister and enigmatic John Adams and his Trust organization. After uncovering and partially thwarting Adam’s fabricated alien invasion, Ford and the alien entity Prometheus set out to end the Trust’s control in an adventure spanning the globe. New and improved weapons and enemies, competitive modes playable both online and in the same room via splitscreen make the follow-up to the best shooter on the Wii a can’t miss experience.

  • Accessible Controls – The Wii Remote pointer allows players to feel like they are actually in the game, unlike standard analog joystick controls. Combined with our robust control and UI customization options – and the addition of Wii Motion Plus support – players can play exactly how they want.
  • Amazing Gameplay – Massive boss fights, fun enemies, spectacular sci-fi levels, awesome weaponry and engaging exploration through 15 levels combine to produce a game unlike anything else on the Wii.
  • Engaging Story – Improvements in storytelling over the first game showcase a global conspiracy and the one man who might be able to bring the truth to light. Interactive NPCs, cinematics, and information bring the world to life.
  • Over-the-top Weaponry – choose from 18 weapons across 4 factions to maximize your firepower. With the new weapon locker, players can take any two unlocked weapons into any level!
  • Co-op Combat – Up to four players can battle enemies in one of three environments, defeat hordes of enemies, rack up points, and customize their characters in the cooperative Team Invasion Mode.
  • Fully-Featured Online Play – The same great multiplayer as The Conduit and so much more! 14 unique game modes with loads of settings, players can battle on 12 fun-filled maps with some returning fan-favorites from the first game! Players can take advantage of the new Rivals system for easier access to more games.
  • Same-Room Experience – Up to four players can play co-op or competitive multiplayer together on the same Wii; all with the same complete feature set as our online component.
  • Customizable Characters – By earning points, players can unlock additional armor pieces and skins, as well as upgrade “perks” to modify the way they play in co-op and competitive.
  • Classic Controller Support – plug in your Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro to experience a completely different way to play!
  • Headbanger Headset – utilizing the new Headbanger Headset peripheral, players can talk smack to their Friends and Rivals online.
  • Jaw-dropping Graphics and Ear-Splitting Audio – The awesome Quantum 3 engine returns even bigger and badder with the most high-tech graphical experience on the Wii, with dynamic environment mapping, interactive water with real time reflection, and four stage texture composition including gloss, diffuse, and bump mapping. First Wii game to support 48kHz audio – better than CD quality!

4 responses to “The Conduit 2 fact sheet (What you need to know)

  1. matty says:

    Ha, I see they forgot to list "now, in 4 shades of gray for shadows".

    As Blade would have said, "Loser!". Too bad they aren't bothers…

  2. cube_b3 says:

    WAIT! He's white?

    I hounestly thought he was black as well.

  3. Sega Uranus says:

    This all sounds really excellent actually. Looking forward to it now a lot more.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    This is the first game to have controllers vs nunchuck-wiiremote.

    I'm interested how that will turn out and which will be better. Finally a game that'll test that out

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