Judgment and Lost Judgment PC versions appear on ESRB website

Several Twitter accounts have spotted Windows PC versions of RGG Studios’ Judgment and Lost Judgment listed on the ESRB website. The news is significant, as it was previously rumored that the franchise had come to an end due to a disagreement between the talent agency for the franchise’s real life star, Takuya Kimura, and SEGA over the actor’s likeness appearing in PC releases of the game.

This news, however seems to point to either the two parties reaching an agreement OR (worst case scenario) Takuya Kimura has been recast and a new model for a new actor will appear in the PC versions of the game. The second scenario, while possible, is in no way confirmed and is just speculation on our part. We’re sure to learn more soon!

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Sonic Mania physical version coming to Nintendo Switch, hints ESRB


Sonic Mania has been out for a few months and while the game got physical collector’s edition, the game itself was never available in a physical medium. There is still a pool of gamers that are hoping SEGA does a physical version of the game and that might be happening. Earlier today, the ESRB twitter account posted a updated ESRB rating for Sonic Mania. If you look into the replies, someone already asked what we are all thinking: Why re-rate a game that has been out for months? ESRB’s reply:

When the ESRB account was pressed more on its reply, it said they don’t know if Sonic Mania is going to be released physically and that they only rate games. But they did say that all physical games need a ESRB summary, which is why the rating had been updated. We could be seeing a physical version of Sonic Mania, at least on the Nintendo Switch. Would you buy Sonic Mania again and if so, how much are you willing to spend on a physical version of the game?

Update: According to Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Aaron Webber, this ESRB update actually has to do with the Collector’s Edition. Still not adding up why they would update the ESRB summaries months after the game released.

ESRB rates Sonic Lost World E10+ for ‘aggressive language’

The ESRB has finally posted its rating for Sonic Lost World and it decided that the game is rated E 10+, for ‘aggressive language’.  Before you freak out, its not that big of a deal, check out some of the lines they consider ‘aggressive’ below.

Rating Summary: In this action platformer, players control Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to stop an evil villain’s plans. As players zoom through fantastical landscapes, they collect items (e.g., gold rings and power-ups), avoid hazards, and use spin attacks to defeat robotic enemies; enemies break apart amid colorful explosions. During gameplay, characters sometimes use aggressive language (e.g., “You’re going home in a box,” ‘I’m going to skin you alive,’ and ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’). Cutscenes also depict laser fire and explosions, as well as dialogue that references violence (e.g., “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts,” “One second you’re contemplating genocide,” and “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.”).

What are your thoughts?

ESRB rates Sonic 4: Episode 2 for PC

SEGA hasn’t announced if they will be releasing Sonic 4: Episode 2 for PC, but it seems that ESRB has already spilled the beans early. If you recall, SEGA also kept quiet about the PC version of Sonic Generations, even though there was a ton of proof.

But for those PC players who didn’t get to experience Sonic 4: Episode 1, you might not have to worry. Awhile back we posted that it turned up in the Steam registry. Pretty much means that SEGA has a port of that one in the works for the PC.

ESRB rates Monster World IV for XBLA and PSN

Damn right! Monster World IV wasn’t released here in America and it feels good having something like this to look forward to. The game originally came out on the Genesis/Mega Drive, so expect some of those glorious 16-bit graphics.

The info comes from ESRB, who rated the title for both XBLA and PSN. If you remember we posted a rating story for this game before, Australian rating. Can we pretty much confirm it now?

Oddly enough Wiiware wasn’t on there, even thought it has gotten Monster World games, including this one in Japan. Odd?

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ESRB says Crazy Taxi also coming to Mac and PC

ESRB has rated Crazy Taxi for Mac, PC, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. Issue is that it has not been announced for Mac and PC yet. The game was already released on PC back in 2002.

I assume it will be up on Steam for both Mac and PC. Good news for those that own a Mac, if you own a PC, buy it again.

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Vanquish features suicide and M rating

ESRB has agreed and given Vanquish the M rating, for Mature audiences only. I was a bit shocked, since Mikami said he wanted to make the game about killing robots, if Halo is not rated M, why would this game?

I guess human soldiers can be killed, when they are killed or blown up, there is blood (and limbs). They also revealed that some cutscenes will have violence and one even has a random character committing suicide. As they say, assassinating himself.

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ESRB gives out more Sonic 4 info

“Like this, but in 3-D”

The ESRB has let some tiny bits of info slipped about Sonic 4, problem is that it just sounds like classic Sonic, which sounds very good.

This is a side-scrolling adventure game in which players zoom through themed levels, collect gold rings, and jump on tiny robot enemies. Players earn points for collecting “power-ups” and freeing tiny animals that are trapped in the robots.

During boss battles at the end of levels, players may encounter an arch nemesis in a mechanical device that gets charred and emits some flames when damaged.

Freeing tiny animals? Sounds good to me.

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