K-Mart: Get Vanquish for $35 bucks!

K-Mart, the retailer that shocks me by still being around. Well they are having a sale and that means you will be able to save cash on getting your copy of Vanquish. They will be selling it for $35 dollars, starting October 31st and ending on November 6th. Save your pennies!

I’m playing through the game to do a review, trust me, if you love the demo it only gets crazier and more awesome as the game continues. It is really good!

[Via: TQ Cast]


3 responses to “K-Mart: Get Vanquish for $35 bucks!

  1. I'd love to bitch about already paying full price at K-mart for the game, but it's too much fun and I regret nothing. Plus, I got that $20 coupon.

  2. alimn says:

    I think some people did not like the demo, but they gonna love the actual game…SEGA should focus on them.

    I still have to decide if I need the PS3 or 360 one.

    Best Regards, Ali M.N

  3. upsidedown fuji says:

    Son of a gun! I wish I could get someone back home to send me a copy from K-mart. That price is too good to pass up!

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