Chu Chu Rocket gets release date & more information

If you have one of them hipster Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you will be able to purchase Chu Chu Rocket on October 28th. Not that long of a wait!

SEGA has stated that this is a ‘brand new’ game, designed for the iPad and iPhone in mind. The game will not be a universal app, for those owners of more than one of the devices. The iPad version also has some exclusive features, like 4 player same-screen multiplayer. Make sure they all wash their hands.

Some negative news: Apparently local mutliplayer causes lag, almost a full second worth of lag. Lets hope that SEGA showed off an old build and this is not the cause in the full release.

[Source: Joystiq]


3 responses to “Chu Chu Rocket gets release date & more information

  1. Nice! Just in time for Halloween! Cats & mice are sort of Halloweenie. I wonder if we'll get the alternate characters, like the NiGHTS theme?

  2. crackdude says:

    Holy shit. I saw that video before going to university today. So I was almost falling asleep during a maths lecture I glanced at the board, the numbers turned into spaceships and flew off and I saw some cats exploding!!

    I was like WTF, now I saw it again and it's all making much more sense.

  3. Oh man, I love that commercial. It's been too long.

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