Sega Reveals Bayonetta Prototype

Sega have posted some neat gameplay videos of Bayonetta in its Prototype stages on their youtube channel. The Prototype almost looks as good as the final product and in a few instances I think it looks better.

Hit the jump to see the second video and what I think should have made it into the final product!

For a start Bayonetta’s face looks younger and more attractive. I respect that they were brave enough to go for the older woman look. But frankly, I prefer the youthful look.

Secondly, holy crap at being able to use the motorbike in normal levels, ride it and use it as a weapon! Why in the name of all that is awesome was this cut from the final product? It just looks so fun and awesome to behold.

Talking of awesome to behold, the prototype uses weapon based finishing moved instead of  torture attacks. Don’t get me wrong, we all enjoyed the Joy torture attack but frankly the weapon based finishers look cooler and will take much longer to get old considering the amount of weapon variations. I froth at the mouth just thinking about the possibilities of whip and sword finishers.

Oh and I like that in the prototype Bayonetta herself can pick up the cars to throw at the enemies. The hair hand may look cool but in practice it just doesn’t work as well.

I hope someone from Platinum Games is scouting for feedback, because it would be such a shame never to ride that bike!


4 responses to “Sega Reveals Bayonetta Prototype

  1. Perhaps SEGA requested that PG held back on the awesome, lest our minds be blown too much.

    A sequel should totally include the motorbike.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Wow, the game actually looks fun.

    Unfortunately the vulgarity is something I can't get over.

  3. Sharky says:

    Cube there is nothing in the slightest bit vulgar in Bayonetta…

    She pretty much always wears more then what you would see girls wearing at the beach.

    Dude just RENT the game, if you really are still offended then turn it off and take it back.

  4. STORM! says:

     This game feels totally Sega as like more than ever!!!

    I liked the bike ride attack too! But Madama Butterfly body parts are awesome too XDD

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