Check out the opening animation for A Certain Magical Virtual-On

On February 15, 2018 SEGA’s Virtual-On series makes its return with A Certain Magical Virtual-On, a crossover between the giant robot fighting series from SEGA and the A Certain Magical Index light novel from Dengeki Bunko. The collaboration began when the two crossed over for a light novel back in 2016 to celebrate Virtual-On’s 20th anniversary. The game is said to be an adaptation of the light novel, and the core gameplay is 100% what Virtual-On fans have come to expect from the series, so don’t worry about this not playing like a Virtual-On game despite the crossover.

Via SEGA of Japan’s YouTube channel comes the game’s full animated intro, seen above, produced by the Japanese animation studio J.C.STAFF. The intro looks great, and reminds me of the days when SEGA Saturn games would launch with their own animated intros. No word yet on a western release, but given how import friendly SEGA of America has been thanks to the Atlus staff I would not rule it out. Still, if you just want to import the game it will be available 2/15 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in special edition releases. You can pre-order both titles now from Play-Asia:


PlayStation 4 | PlayStation Vita

Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro – now with clean footage!

Back in January of 2012, I shared a video I had put together which featured all the existing Sonic Generations CG footage. As many Sonic fans know, the game lacked a proper post-title screen CG intro, instead only offering up the same modern and classic Sonic footage seen in the initial teaser trailer for the game. By sifting through various trailers, commercials and promotional event videos I put together the most complete collection of CG Sonic Generations clips. Following the Marza Animation Planet story posted yesterday, I checked out the Marza website and discovered a cool thirty second clip featuring both Sonics running through City Escape and Rooftop Run. Unlike past videos, the clip was crisp and uncut, so I worked the improved footage into my old compilation video and present the revised version to you. Enjoy!

Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro

Leading up to the release of Sonic Generations, a number of trailers appeared showing various CG footage. Fans assumed that all of these elements would combine to be the game’s CG intro, however when the game released the only CG featured was the initial teaser footage of classic and modern meeting in Green Hill. I’ve combined all the CG elements that I know of into an extended “lost” intro. Enjoy!

Update: Revised the video to include a bit of new footage found in a Japanese commercial.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 intro is a bit depressing

Valkyria Chronicles 3 intro video, you know, the one that plays when you forget to press a button while starting a game, is a bit depressive. I think its because the song playing is sad sounding. It basically sounds like the Japanese female version of Morrissey.

God damn it, SEGA! You  best be bringing this game West. I don’t even care if it isn’t on PS3, I just need more Valkyria Chronicles.

Conduit 2 – Intro Trailer

“Conduit 2 fans rejoice, today we reveal new video footage of High Voltage Software’s Wii FPS! The video, which features a cinematic look at Conduit details the ending from Conduit 1 and the intro for Conduit 2.”

Well, the intro looks good at least. I get a bit of a Half Life 2 vibe from it, I think that’s what they were trying to capture with ‘The Conduit’ story line.

Yeah, I don’t expect it to play anything like Half Life either… But it would be nice!