redspotgames reveal new Dreamcast game on TV

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This has been a tough year for Dreamcast owners, as we haven’t had a single game released this year and things got increasingly grim when redspotgames revealed this summer that their next game Solar Struggle was for Xbox Live Indie Games, and then at GamesCom they revealed they had started development for Nintendo Wii with the upcoming port of Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare. It started to look like our Dreamcast wouldn’t be able to escape the grim reaper this year, however like Aika’s boomerang redspotgames returned  and revealed STURMWIND for Dreamcast on German television show “neues” (The rsg part starts at -5:10, Sturmwind footage can be seen at 07.45)

(Note: The above paragraph is over dramatic as NG:Dev.Team are currently porting Fast Striker and it is scheduled for release this fall, read our interview with NG:Dev.Team for more information)

Hit the Jump to See the Dreamcast Relevant Clips of the Show (with translation), Game Features List, and Screen Shots



Yve: With me is Max Scharl from redspotgames, hello Max!

Max: Hello Yve!

Y: You develop games for Dreamcast, a console that’s been dead for nine years now… sounds a bit strange, so why are you doing that?

M: We are a publisher, distributor and promoter for new Sega Dreamcast games, we’re also developing in-house, but it’s mainly gonna be external assignments. As for why we’re doing what we’re doing… Well, about five years ago, five friends thought, Dreamcast is an amazing console and we couldn’t understand why it was discontinued, it was really abandoned by the industry just like that, just because of some internal company issues. So that’s why we thought this can’t be it and we want to keep on providing the console with games, that’s our motto. The platform can never be too old or too unknown for us to develop new games for it.

Y: So you’re big Dreamcast fans and thought “The dream has to go on”.

M: Exactly.

Y: So you’re some kind of “Underdog”?

M: Well, like we’ve just then in the report (There was a reportage about underdogs like Apple before the segment) about Apple, right now Apple is a giant company, which became big thanks to it underdog status and also advertises like that. We are still small. And I don’t think we can advertise with that, nor do we want to, because it’s so obvious. After all, we’re just addressing the people already inside the scene, surely a few more, but all in all, we’re not relying on the underdog status.

Y: So you’re still real underdogs! Well, does it pay off, I mean you have to live of it, right?

M: You “should” be able to live of it, you’re right there. Well, I have to admit, it’s a close thing. With good promotion, you can already get the sales of an average WiiWare or XBox Live Arcade game, but in the end it’s still a console with a lot of loyal fans, yet no big publisher would ever consider publishing for it, because you can’t keep a company going like that. For us, it’s difficult as well, but we’re only a small amount of people, we have a good overview, so it’s okay for us.

Y: And you also put a lot of effort in your new game, a new topgame which you also have with you today.

M: Right, we have been working for six years now on a game called “Sturmwind” (Stormwind) you can see here in the background. It has been developed by a two-man-team from Baden-Württemberg (German region) called “Duranik”, and right now, we’ve shown this game to the public for the first time ever, and with this show, this report, the preordering starts, which can be reached at where you can take a first glance and buy the game.

Y: Making a bit of advertisement here, t hat’s not too bad, is it? *laughs*

M: Yeah right, it’s the time before christmas, and a long-time gaming fan could think of getting a classic game. Like you see, it’s pretty old-school and follows the old principles. I would even go as far as to say that it uses pretty unique effects and animations for an Indie Dreamcast release.

Y: After all, retro is a trend, isn’t it?

M: Yes, it became that recently and we’re happy about that, we started back before retro was a trend. I think it’s just a fixed thing in history, that retro, the old stuff, now especially with the “flooding of the modern wold”, is getting more and more interesting.

Y: Max, thanks for being here and I wish you good luck with your new game and all your other projects.

M: Thanks Yve.



  • Hybrid 2d/3d game engine
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • 16 Levels
  • 3 selectable difficulty levels
  • configurable controls
  • adjustable screen position
  • different weapons selectable
  • More than 20 large bossenemies
  • Hundreds of different enemies
  • FMV intro sequence
  • PAL-50, PAL-60, NTSC and VGA compatible
  • Region Free
  • Works with any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast
  • CDDA Sound
  • Supports: Joypad, Arcade Stick (Analog/Digital), VMU, Rumble Pack (configurable)
  • Internet WEBcode Hiscore Tables
  • Award Trophy System with unlockable content


10 responses to “redspotgames reveal new Dreamcast game on TV

  1. George says:

    This game does look good. Something to look forward to, for sure.

  2. nuckles87 says:

    Bah, you beat me to it! I had no idea you wrote for Bits account Cube XD.

    Anyway, from what little their showing it does look better then a lot of other DC indie games. I hope we get a genuine trailer soon.

  3. DCGX says:

    I wondered when SegaBits was going to catch wind of this. 😉

    Those graphics rival some of the best scrolling shooters on platforms today. I'm very excited about this. Though I'm very excited for every Dreamcast release. And it looks like a lot of great stuff is getting back into the game too.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    Those are some impressive visuals. I always like to imagine what pro game designers could achieve with sega dreamcast’s hardware with todays tools. Really impressive. Gameplay looks to be a thrilling shootemup. It has been done many times before but this one does stands out the most. This might actually be the first game I might consider to spend money on since times.

    Looks really really nice

    Also congrats on the promotion cube. Great first article.

  5. voldo83 says:

    Will buy it first day. Shall do a preorder now. It comes many good games now, this, Retro City Rampage, Super meat boy (with special PC box)and PSO2.

  6. cube_b3 says:

    THANK YOU! and Nuckles I just got on board, I am officially in the news team covering retro and Dreamcast.

    So expect a HELL of a lot more Dreamcast coverage 2011 (starting this year, but you get the point 😉

    The reason why the game looks good so sexy is because it is an original Dreamcast game, built from the ground up to to take advantage of the Naomi hardware.

    Recent Shumps such as Last Hope & Fast Striker were Neo-Geo ports, the graphics were polished up and CD Audio enhancements were made but they were still ports.

    Please pre order and show your support.

  7. That looks really nice, and it will be a good feather in the dreacast's cap, but they should also put it on XBLA/PSN. We want them to make money and keep up the good work.

  8. matty says:

    Ack. Getting flashbacks from the first time I saw the octopus in Ecco The Dolphin.

  9. cube_b3 says:

    @Emmett: redspotgames does do stuff for XBLI, but for that the game has to be recoded from scratch. The Dreamcast games best platform appears to be the wii but the storage limits may make it impossible.

  10. cube_b3 says:

    Although if rsg gets access to XBLA things would be different

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