Interview: SEGA’s stance on Digital Distribution

MCV UK has interviewed SEGA Europe’s John Clark about SEGA’s position in the digital distribution market. John Clark was the managing director at SEGA Europe, but he is now the director of digital distribution at SEGA and has given some insight as to what SEGA thinks of digital distribution. Clark says that SEGA is still very much a boxed goods company even though they have a section of SEGA dedicated to digital distribution.

Here is a quick list of interesting facts from the interview:

    • Across SEGA West the PC market share is about 4.5% higher in the UK thanks to games like Football Manager.
    • Clark says it’s mostly casual games that are making digital distribution popular and that traditional core games is very much still the boxed goods market.
    • Clark says that if you take casual games out the equation, you will find that digital distribution is only 15% of the total market and he expects to see this figure rise to 30% within four years.
    • In 2009, 75 million boxed goods were sold. The PC share of this figure is less than 10% and not growing, according to Clark.
    • SEGA will continue to offer both boxed goods and digital games in order to appeal to everyone.

[Source: MCV UK]


2 responses to “Interview: SEGA’s stance on Digital Distribution

  1. voldo83 says:

    Sounds healthy.

  2. Sharky says:

    I wonder if he would place games look Football Manager under 'casual games' as I know at least here in the UK football manager is played by lots of people that wont buy any other games and don't consider themselves games but football fans.

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