Check out the first limited edition run of Project X Zone

Here is the first edition run of Project X Zone. Looks pretty awesome, right? What do you get?

  • A 48-page full color book that includes all the various games, also promotional art and much more.
  • You also get the “Crossover Soundtrack CD” that comes with music from the game.
So how do you get it? Well, its only for the first print run, once the package runs out it will be gone forever. This version and the regular version will cost the same, so if you are planning on importing it, do that now.

Yakuza of the End copies snuck into retail

The delay for Yakuza of the End was pretty last minute, so much so that SEGA already shipped some copies of the game before it was cancelled. SEGA said they would be pulling shipped copies, but apparently some made it to their destination (pictured above). The retailer received 60 copies of the game, which they said they are sending back to SEGA.

Nagoshi updated his blog stating that the delay was hard on the team, they hard pride on knowing that they delivered every single Yakuza title without delay.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Interview: SEGA’s stance on Digital Distribution

MCV UK has interviewed SEGA Europe’s John Clark about SEGA’s position in the digital distribution market. John Clark was the managing director at SEGA Europe, but he is now the director of digital distribution at SEGA and has given some insight as to what SEGA thinks of digital distribution. Clark says that SEGA is still very much a boxed goods company even though they have a section of SEGA dedicated to digital distribution.

GameStop has listing for a retail ‘Dreamcast Collection’

Are you one of those guys that doesn’t trust buying stuff you can’t physically hold? Well, SEGA might have a solution for you. According to Gamestop, they have a ‘Dreamcast Collection’ and will retail for $29.99. As of right now its only listed for the Xbox 360.

The product page says it will be released February 15th, 2011. No idea what will be in the package, but I assume its already released games and by February they will have Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, SEGA Bass Fishing, and/or Space Channel 5 Part 2 to consider.

[Source: GameStop]
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Yakuza PSP razor promotes manliness

SEGA is going to have ‘retail specific’ promotional items for Black Panther: New Yakuza Chapter. The above razor is the bonus item for Bic Camera, a Kurohyou Original Kai Razor.” This one is a sample razor by Kai.

Shops like Geo, Joshin, Tsutaya and WonderGOO will be getting cards with DLC codes on them. The art on them is pretty awesome as well.

What DLC does the cards have? You are going to have to hit the jump to find out!

Virtual-On Force coming to retail, not XBLA

The Famitsu scans have revealed that the game will be heading to retail, not XBLA like last time.

SEGA has stated it would upgrade the game to HD and add Xbox Live support. Which is not really new, since the XBLA title featured this. Maybe they will re-do the textures? They will also have a mission mode where you can pick up items, though what they do is not specified. Mission Mode is made for single player, but can be played co-op. Also co-op boss fights.

Game, as of now, is 30% complete and is slated for a winter release in Japan. As for the west, no news if we will be getting it. I think this is just SEGA Japan cashing off the success of VOOT, would not be shocked if a cheaper, XBLA version is announced for the west.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Nagoshi teases Yakuza 4 demo, says its coming soon

[Watching Kazuma sing is still a bit odd]

Seems that SEGA of Japan is having a retail tour, showing off a demo of Yakuza 4, but what good does that do us? None! But Toshihiro Nagoshi has talked about a PSN demo via his blog, saying it will be coming.

When? Well Nagoshi can’t say right now,  but if it follows Yakuza 3‘s schedule we shall see the demo a week before the retail game is released. Nagoshi has also said that commercials and retail promotional videos for Yakuza 4 are already done.

[Source: AndriaSang]