Nintendo Power sheds more info on Thor video game

Specifically the Wii version, who they confirmed will be developed by Red Fly (Mushroom Men developers). The game will have a unique story and gameplay on the Wii, also being said is that the game will be more about Thor’s hammer (Mjöllnir)  than Thor himself.

“In fact, it’s almost more about the hammer than it is about Thor” – Chad Barron, Producer

You will be able to customize Thor’s hammer as you progress through the game, three of the powers you will get in the game are: Storm, Valor and Might. The development team has stated they played around with 10 different control schemes. In the end they decided that too much motion is tiring in action games, so buttons will do regular attacks and motion controls will be used for over the top moves.

The game will feature some of the biggest enemies from Thor’s history, one example enemy given was Surtur. You will be able to unlock Thor costumes by progressing in the game.

Good news, the DS version is being developed by WayForward (A Boy and his Blob and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge).

[Source: NintendoEverything]


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