K-Mart: Buy Yakuza 4, Get Yakuza 3 Free

According to a post on the Cheapassgamer forums, K-Mart will be having a “buy one, get one free” deal on Yakuza 4. If you buy the game, you get Yakuza 3 for free! Not only that, but you get 10,000 SYWR ($10) in rewards points that you can use on your next purchase. Whether or not Sega is supplying more copies of Yakuza 3 for this, or if this is just clearing out overstock is unknown. Before this is speculated as just rumor, please note the the poster on these forums has been very reliable on K-Mart sales in the past.


2 responses to “K-Mart: Buy Yakuza 4, Get Yakuza 3 Free

  1. Grant360 says:

    I'd be all over that if they did it in the UK!

  2. Yakuza is a Blue Light Special!

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