Play Spiral Knights with SEGA this weekend!

Do you like MMO’s? Have you played Spiral Knights yet? Even if you have played it already… it would probably be a good idea to play Spiral Knights this weekend! Have fun with friends, maybe even talk with SEGA! Most of all… get some great loot!

Hit the jump for the details.


4pm PST Friday to 5pm PST Sunday


Greatly reduced elevator costs – Only 2 energy each!

Special hourly lotteries from 4pm PST to 9pm PST each day!

A grand prize of 10,000 crystal energy will be drawn Saturday between 7pm PST and 8pm PST

If you haven’t been able to get a preview account for the beta, you still have a shot — head over to the official Spiral Knights twitter feed where they’re posting links for additional codes. You can find them at

To be eligible for the prizes just make sure you’re online. Grab your sword and join your fellow knights — we’ll see you in the Clockworks!

[ Source: SEGA USA Blog ]


4 responses to “Play Spiral Knights with SEGA this weekend!

  1. Sharky says:

    They should think about slapping this game on the iPad and those kind of things too…

    A very good, very addictive game.

  2. I agree. A really fun game.

  3. SkyGod says:

    This suck i didn't download it in time so i have to wait tell April 4th =(

  4. ShadiWulf says:

    Follow @SpiralKnights on twitter. They are occasionally giving out spots.

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