tri-Ace shows off new engine, could this power Resonance of Fate 2?

When Resonance of Fate was first announced, SEGA pledged ten years of support for the franchise. I assume this meant they were going to make more than one of the games. The game received a good metacritic score, but didn’t sell a million copies. SEGA has been tight lipped and tri-Ace hasn’t really announced any new games being developed…

But they did update their website with a new engine they are working on. The scene being rendered is not a specific game, just used to show off the new lighting and shading. If you read up on it, it says it was rendered running real-time on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, at 720p. More info can be found here.

So, the question is, would many of you guys be interested in a sequel to Resonance of Fate running on this engine?

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8 responses to “tri-Ace shows off new engine, could this power Resonance of Fate 2?

  1. ShadiWulf says:

    a game like that with better colors would be awesome. but as someone on neogaf said, looks like they are trying to make star ocean dudebro edition

  2. Sharky says:

    @Shadi but as it has already been stated, it isn't a game… It's just a tech demo of sorts.

    Tri-Ace are best known for their Sta Ocean games so it make sense to make it look that way.

    Anyway, I actually quite enjoyed RoF, the story was a bit nonsense but I liked the character interactions and the gameplay was unique and challenging enough to hold my attention.

    I would be down for sequals. But my main complaint was the tower it was set on made the enviroments so similar and boring to look at. If they could make the sequal with exciting, interesting enviroments then I'd enjoy it much more.

  3. ShadiWulf says:

    but it doesnt look like star ocean. it looks like mass effect

  4. CrazyTails says:

    I think I may be one of the few that loved resonance of fate. The game was really challenging and had a hard learning curve. When mastered it was a great experience. Didn't finish the game sadly(game is large) but I might pick up where I left when I can.

  5. Sharky says:

    Looked like star ocean to me… You're just bent out of shape because one of the characters had a western look about its design.

    The female looked as 'star ocean' as ever…

    The point is, its not a game it's a tech demo and chances are they were simply demonstrating what they can do… (With both western and japanese designs.)

    You're just grumpy they don't all look like catfags.

  6. Fallout911 says:

    This is evidence that SEGA could totally produce a true Phantasy Star sequel if they took their time.

    I haven't bought a game full price in years, I think this will break that.

  7. DarrenIndeed says:

    Yeah Resonance of Fate, despite it's flaws, was pretty good. I enjoyed it, and would certainly play a sequel.

  8. TaroYamada says:


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