Resonance of Fate 4K / HD Edition officially revealed for PlayStation 4 & PC

Just like that early German Rating predicted, tri-Ace has announced Resonance of Fate 4K / HD Edition for Playstation 4 and PC (specifically Steam). Oddly enough tri-Ace seemed to have skipped over the Xbox One, considering that the game originally came out on the Xbox 360.

The official site has details on the game’s story and characters, but if you played the original you would know the basics. The site does list customizing your characters as a feature but doesn’t show any of the gear using the SEGA logos, but the bottom of the site does have the ‘©SEGA’ on the bottom of the page. The PlayStation 4 version will come with a free theme and Avatar while the PC version will support trading cards.

Resonance of Fate rated in Germany for PlayStation 4 and PC

It looks like the SEGA and tri-Ace developed JRPG Resonance of Fate might be coming back to life on PlayStation 4 and PC soon since it looks like tri-Ace has filed for a rating via the German classification board.

Resonance of Fate came out all the way back in 2010 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At the time, SEGA made a big deal about Resonance of Fate because it was during a period that the company wanted to expand its JRPG catalogue. According to the rating, tri-Ace is looking to publish this ‘re-release’ themselves, considering SEGA’s name is absent. Going to be weird considering some of the in-game assets (like the shirt in the photo above) has SEGA’s logo all over them.

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The SEGA Five: SEGA published games that deserve more attention

If you discuss Streets of Rage, Super Monkey Ball, or even anything Sonic, chances are you can hear that 90’s jingle of retro goodness (SEGAAAAAAAAAAA!). The company helped create some wonderful games and franchises and are still going strong to this day. That being said, most of the games published by SEGA are sometimes often forgot about and usually sit on store shelves to collect dust and/or be pauper’s pennies.

While I haven’t played every single game SEGA has helped publish, some of those games stick out to me in a very unique and interesting way. And SEGA, being the quirky company they are, brought me wonderful memories and breathes a one-of-a-kind charm to those certain games. So in no particular order (with the first one being my favorite out of the five), here are some games that rightfully deserve more attention than they get!

Phantasy Star Nova getting Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean and Resonance of Fate outfits

Seems that the developers behind Phantasy Star Nova aren’t going afraid of putting their personal touch on the long running SEGA RPG franchise. Announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show the game is set to have costumes from previous Tri-Ace games which include Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean and the SEGA published Resonance of Fate.

Even though all the games above are developed by Tri-Ace, Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean are both published and owned by Square-Enix. I wonder how hard it was to convince Square-Enix on allowing them to use their franchises in  Phantasy Star Nova.

Phantasy Star Nova is set to release in Japan this November exclusively for the Playstation Vita. What about us in the West? No release date planned, yet. Hit the jump for screenshots.

Phantasy Star Nova Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

Tokyo Game Show media is quickly pouring out. SEGA recently uploaded their TGS 2014 promotional trailer for Phantasy Star Nova. It features cinematic elements and quick character highlights, while also offering quick looks into gameplay features like combat, weapons, and the Gigantes boss enemies. The trailer also momentarily highlights the game’s character creation, and makes a point to draw attention to the ad-hoc multiplayer mode. It’s a summary trailer for those wondering what Phantasy Star Nova is all about.

Be sure to check it out! In other news, Phantasy Star Nova will feature cameo costumes and weapons from 2010 RPG Resonance of Fate, developed by tri-Ace and published by Sega. Phantasy Star Nova is a similar situation as it is being developed by tri-Ace, though SEGA staff members are actively involved in this game’s development.

Phantasy Star Nova is scheduled for release in Japan on November 11. Localization is planned in traditional Mandarin Chinese, and there are a handful of territories besides China with speakers of this dialect including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. However, no localization is planned for other regions; hopefully this state of affairs is reversed, as waiting fans will be missing out.

Phantasy Star Nova demo will allow 4-Player Co-Op

Phantasy StarNova4Players
We teased you in July about Phantasy Star Nova getting a demo on the Japanese PSN Store and now we get news that the game will allow 4-player co-op via local wireless connection.

Sadly though SEGA says this demo release will not showcase its character creation aspect or even story progression. I guess they want us to wait till the full game.

For those waiting on the full version of this title it will be coming out in Japan this November. The demo hits the Japanese PSN story on August 12th. We will most likely post some hands on impressions when it does hit. No release date announced outside of Japan (sorry 🙁 ).

Phantasy Star Nova getting a Japanese demo this August

If you have a Vita and access to the Japanese PSN, you should get a bit pumped up since Phantasy Star Nova demo will be coming next month. The demo is set to have a boss fight and some exploration sections, giving the user a feel for the full game that will be coming later this fall.

SEGA will also hold a Phantasy Star events on July 26th and August 3rd at Sapporo Convention center and Port Messe in Japan. Sadly  for us Westerners, there hasn’t been a announcement if this title is coming West.

Phantasy Star NOVA TGS Trailer

The trailer shows a bit of gameplay and CGI, while using the word “Confidential” a lot. Looks like PSO2 battle system with a bit of Tri-ace flavor, IMO.

Phantary Star Nova will be out on the Vita in Japan in 2014.

More Details on Phantasy Star Nova, getting AAA production budget


Some more details about Phantasy Star Nova have came out of Famitsu which might interest you. The game is mainly a single player game, with an optional ad-hoc local multiplayer mode. There is no online mode.

The game is being built using a Tri-Ace engine and overall it’s going to feel like a Tri-Ace game rather than a Sonic Team game. A big change compared to PSO is how the weapon system works. Equipment shows damage visibly, and monsters drop materials that you can use for crafting instead of weapons.

Also, famous RPG music composer Motoi Sakuraba is composing the music for the game. Oh, and the core development team is around 70 people, and total production is over 200 people (said to be higher than the number of people involved with Titanfall by neogaf). So it sounds like a really big project. Hopefully it comes west 🙂

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SEGA announces Phantasy Star Nova for the Playstation Vita


Sony is having a Japanese conference today where they show what Japanese audiences can expect from Sony at this year’s TGS. During the event Sony announced a new slim Playstation Vita and a few games, one of those being Phantasy Star Nova! The game will be developed by tri-Ace (Resonance of Fate), and will feature a single-player story mode along with an online co-op mode that allows you to team up with 3 other players online or in lan. The game game is set to released in Japan this upcoming March.

Some facts were given about Phantasy Star Online 2‘s performance on the Vita. It has been confirmed that SEGA has sold over 150,000 boxed versions of Phantasy Star Online 2 and has over 650,000 people playing the game on Sony’s handheld. This is probably the first time someone has handled a new Phantasy Star game that hasn’t been Sonic Team.

Hit the jump to see the announcement trailer.

tri-Ace shows off new engine, could this power Resonance of Fate 2?

When Resonance of Fate was first announced, SEGA pledged ten years of support for the franchise. I assume this meant they were going to make more than one of the games. The game received a good metacritic score, but didn’t sell a million copies. SEGA has been tight lipped and tri-Ace hasn’t really announced any new games being developed…

But they did update their website with a new engine they are working on. The scene being rendered is not a specific game, just used to show off the new lighting and shading. If you read up on it, it says it was rendered running real-time on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, at 720p. More info can be found here.

So, the question is, would many of you guys be interested in a sequel to Resonance of Fate running on this engine?

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Resonance of Fate dated for Europe


SEGA have announced the release date to their new JRPG Resonance of Fate (Or End of Eternity in Japan). The new title comes from veteran RPG develop tri-ACE, known for their work on Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean. The game will be available from 26th March 2010, so if you’re interested in some gun battles spliced in with some role playing elements and strategy, you might want to check this one out.