More Sonic Generations Details Revealed

As more interviews and previews for Sonic Generations are released, more details have been revealed (so that’s how it works!). Swedish gaming magazine LEVEL has a preview and interview with Iizuka, and G4TV has an interview with Patrick Riley, SEGA’s director of international productions. Check out the G4TV interview video above and head over to the Sonic Stadium boards for the full translated LEVEL article (four posts down). Thanks to TSS forum user Carbo for translating.

After the break, a handy bulleted list of the new details revealed!

LEVEL Magazine details:

  • Takashi Iizuka was a bug tester for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, not a Generations detail but that was news to me.
  • The story revolves around an unknown antagonist that has turned the entire world chalk white.
  • “we’re aiming to keep both of the series’ strengths while balancing out these weaknesses.” – Iizuka
  • The Adventure elements that have been around the later Sonic games haven’t disappeared completely. In between levels Sonic goes around in an open world looking for the next challenge.
  • In order to complete the game you have to finish all 2D and 3D levels. In other words you can’t just play through the older or newer levels.

G4TV details:

  • Fan feedback (that “what’s your favorite stage?” poll from a while back) helped the team decide on what stages to bring back.
  • Patrick Riley sports an awesome Dreamcast hoodie

Okay, so not as many details in the G4TV review, but some cool details overall. Hub worlds in the style of Unleashed’s stage select hubs could be awesome. I’d imagine a free roaming Green Hill Zone, featuring rings, springs and loops and the area littered with classic characters as NPCs. Walk up to Fang and Mighty and ask them what the hell happened to them.


7 responses to “More Sonic Generations Details Revealed

  1. Pao says:

    "In order to complete the game you have to finish all 2D and 3D levels. In other words you can’t just play through the older or newer levels."

    Bummer… oh well.

  2. Sharky says:

    I hope that whole white world storyline isn't too overbareing I really don't want to run through these levels in chalk white.

    I also hope that the adventure feilds are optional.

  3. DCGX says:

    Agreed. I could do without the Adventure fields, but they weren't too bad in Unleashed. Less confusing than in Adventure itself at least. My guess is the chalk effect will be kind of what we see in the footage where the track still has color to it. I am still so excited about this!

    Pao – It makes sense if it is driving the story forward. Besides, if they are as good as the Green Hill Zone they've shown, you'd want to play them all anyway.

    +1 for the guy wearing the Dreamcast hoodie and also that the Dreamcast is its own era lol

  4. I've been laughing at the "Dreamcast era" as well, simply because it totally excludes the Gamecube, XBOX and PS2. I love it. Better hearing of a "Dreamcast era" than "6th generation".

    As for the hubs, I'm sure they'll be very manageable. I'd imagine they'll combine the city hub and stage hub from unleashed into a single hub. The hub would probably have bits of simple platforming to reach stage entrances. I'd also guess that the hubs are white and fill with colors and NPC characters as stages are completed. I'm thinking something the size of the Empire City stage hub or Sonic World from Sonic Jam. Also, NPC's presenting Sonic World missions would be fun. Like Knuckles says "No way could you collect 10 rings in ten seconds!", you do the mission in the hub and then Knuckles rewards you with a piece of concept art or something.

  5. cube_b3 says:

    How about gameplay physics from the Dreamcast days, I hate the unleashed model.

  6. SMT_Xero says:

    I hope that this "New bad guy" is somehow just eggman from the future with a new name so you dont know who he is untill the end.

  7. Shigs says:

    If it's like Unleashed HD's hubworlds then yea, I'm all up for it. I'd love to see Fang or Mighty or Bean and talk to them in the hub areas. Mighty can give me a quest to pick up an item on Angel Island that will get him back in good standing with the Chaotix. XD

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