Spoiler Alert: Giga.de Shows Insane Amounts of Sonic Generations

Video contains a LOT of Generations footage:

While Sonic fans have been eagerly awaiting an IGN preview of Sonic Generations, only to learn that it had been pushed back due to SEGA extending the embargo, German gaming site Giga.de has gone all out with a near 30 minute video preview of Sonic Generations. Within the first minute viewers are introduced to the interactive menu, and I gotta say it looks fantastic. It actually reminds me of Kirby’s Epic Yarn in the way you traverse it. Also included are full playthroughs of many stages. So if you want to avoid spoilers, just watch the first few minutes for a taste of the menu and then click “stop”.

After the break, a list of observations. Of course, these venture into spoiler territory.


• The collection room contains art, video clips, music (including tunes from stages NOT featured in the game) and what appears to be a character database

• The background music for the collection room is the Knuckles Chaotix tune Door into Summer

• The music and art gallery music is the museum music used in Sonic Jam

• You can switch between Modern and Classic Sonic on the fly, it’s nearly instantaneous (no stupid long day/night Unleashed transition)

• Each stage has the option to change music, I assume to the original version, which is very cool. I also wonder if that means you could play Emerald Hill’s theme in Green Hill?

• The background of Sky Sanctuary features Angel Island and the Death Egg

• Hitting a ring box causes the counter the increase quickly one number at a time, not instantly to +10

• Metal Sonic’s boss stage kicks off with an awesome in-game cutscene which very much reminded me of the Sonic OVA

• Metal Sonic’s stage is Stardust Speedway and uses the original Japanese music track (those still thinking it was another section of Chemical Plant, think that no more)

• You are now able to hit Metal Sonic during the battle, no longer just avoiding him

• Upper right corner of the hub world features a chaos emerald progress bar. How you get the emeralds is unknown, perhaps the bar fills as you play the game and complete stages? No special stages have been confirmed, and the chaos emeralds have not been said to be a part of the plot

• One of Sonic’s friends stand at each stage entrance, and you are able to talk with them

• It appears that missions encircle each stage by way of purple portals

• The in-game shop appears just after you exit the collection room

• The riding spinning tops from Marble Garden Zone appear in classic Sky Sanctuary

• Funny detail noticed by a Sonic Stadium board member: Knuckles stands under a grape tree at the Sky Sanctuary hub, Sonic Jam’s character profile for Knuckles noted that grapes are his favorite food

[Source: Giga.de]


10 responses to “Spoiler Alert: Giga.de Shows Insane Amounts of Sonic Generations

  1. DCGX says:

    I assume that’s what the world select is going to be then. Truth be told I’d rather just have a normal menu so it is easier to see all the stats with out running all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool, just cumbersome in the long run.




    Video’s private. D:

  4. No worries, just updated the link to a fan upload. Also, I saved the video to my computer when it first went up, in case something like this happened. 🙂

  5. sth88 says:

    OK, I’m a long-time Sonic fan and I didn’t know about the grapes thing. SEGA is really going all out with this game, making it a true love letter to the fans.

  6. Shigs says:

    This just looks incredible. I may have to stop; looking at newSG posts just to keep from being spoiled.

  7. Kori-Maru says:

    I just went OHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOH! during dat race between Classic Sonic and Metal Sonic with dat Japanese music and laughed when Metal burned his paintjob on the road. I’M GONNA BE TOOOOO HAPPY playing this game and I’m gonna beat the HELL outta of it just by seeing Stardust Speedway. At least the Boom boos aren’t in this game, them skull balloon bouncing bastards are creepy.

    Enough with the excitements, this game is going to be beautiful.

  8. jingoi says:

    Ah spoilers you spoil me!

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