Yukio Sugino talks about what makes SEGA great

Yukio Sugino had an interview in the latest Famitsu magazine, where he talks about the past, present and future of SEGA. One of the quotes that I loved was when he described what made SEGA great.

“Sega’s philosophy has always been that creativity is our lifeblood and we try to reflect that not just in what we make, but in all aspects of our work. Staying consistent with this spirit is what’s allowed us to approach the world of entertainment in such a broad scope.” – Yukio Sugino

He goes on to talk about a lot of great stuff, about how they used to make games with world wide appeal and not just split it up into regions. So what about not having hardware? Yukio Sugino says it’s hard to go from a hardware company to software.

“We tried to become a software company, but it’s been difficult for us to shake off the DNA stored within us from our hardware days. At Sega we’ve always had this deep-rooted thought that we needed to have representative games in every current genre in order to attract all walks of gamer. That’s really a first-party hardware marker philosophy, though, and the fact is that if a game doesn’t attract much of a userbase, then the industry really doesn’t need it. So we needed to change our concept to simply making gamers as happy as possible with our games, and changing that mindset was pretty hard for a lot of our company groups.” – Yukio Sugino

For more on the interview, hit the source link, where Yukio Sugino talks about what he has planned for SEGA’s future.

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5 responses to “Yukio Sugino talks about what makes SEGA great

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Great read

  2. STORM! says:

    Hisao Oguchi was the president before Okitane.

    Nagoshi is not the head of CS anymore since years ago…

    This guy is not Sega's president.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    I never called him the president.

    I said Head, as in Director.

  4. STORM! says:

    Just telling people.

  5. cube_b3 says:

    Who is this guy?

    Apparently the current head of inhouse development, employed since 1993.

    I thought Nagoshi was the head of in-house development, or I guess that is just for Consumer Software.

    He’s really got nothing on IMDB and MobiGames, cumulatively he is credited for 3 games. 2 of 3 have him listed as “Thanks”.

    Up to 2005 HitMaker head Hisao Oguchi was head of inhouse development, he sure picked a strange successor.

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