The SEGA Dreamcast turns 14 today, how are we going to celebrate?

Hey there, space cats! The SEGA Dreamcast turns 14 today in the USA, how are we celebrating? Well, we will be delivering a bunch of Dreamcast related content all month long. We will have all our weekly features focus on Dreamcast music, games and nostalgic moments. Expect to see Dreamcast related articles on Monday Memories, Tuesday Tunes, Saturday Sequels, and Sunday Round Table. There will also be the return of the ‘SEGA in the Media‘, where we spot SEGA references in current TV shows and movies (sometimes even the past).  We already started celebrating by giving you guys a really awesome episode of the Swingin’ Report Show featuring the editor-in-chief and writer for Official Dreamcast magazine.

One of our former writers and current editor-in-chief over at Dreamcast Scene is also teaming up with us, DC Emu and Age-Media to bring some interviews with current SEGA published authors and Dreamcast indie developers. Actually he already published one of his interviews with David Munoz, author of ” “Service Games: Rise and Fall of Sega ”. Some of the other interviews you can expect includes author of “Zoya Street’s Dreamcast World” author, who got crowd sourced by Indiegogo. There will also be interviews with indie Dreamcast developers like Senile Team, Duranik and Water Melon.

Stay tuned later today for “Monday Memories: Remembering the Dreamcast’s launch“.


4 responses to “The SEGA Dreamcast turns 14 today, how are we going to celebrate?

  1. Mandobardanjusik says:

    Heh, didnt realize, guess its even more ironic that I have been working on Jet Grind Radio on my DC yesterday, and will continue today

  2. SlothMachines says:

    Damn, feels like yesterday. I remember preordering mine at Funcoland with a copy of Sonic Adventure and House of the Dead 2. Best launch of any console ever.

  3. DAVIDSDIEGO says:

    Happy B-Day Dreamcast! I wish I would have experienced it back in the day.

    I’m dreaming for a Dreamcast 2…:)

  4. RedFlameFox says:

    Happy birthday, console that died in 1 year.

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