Sega Community Manager Aaron Webber Promoted To Brand Manager

Aaron Webber, who many of you may know as Rubyeclipse at several forums, has always been one of my favorite Sega community members to talk to. Outspoken, but still very professional, Aaron has gotten a promotion from community manager to brand manager on Sonic Generations and possibly future Sonic games.

I’ll be working with our teams behind-the-scenes to help the greater efforts as we work to make all of our Sonic games even greater successes. Personally, I’m honored to have this opportunity, and excited to see what new challenges lie on the horizon in the world of the blue blur I once idolized as a child.” Says Aaron who seems very excited about his new role.

But sadly, this means you’ll be hearing a lot less from good ol’ Rubyeclipse, who will instead be focused on making the Sonic games the best they can be. “To those reading the blogs, the fans supporting us, and the many, many people I had the pleasure of meeting these last few years, both internally and also as fans – thank you, sincerely, for always being there to give us feedback, to yell at us about Sonic’s eye color, or even just to cheer us on and support us.

Good luck Aaron. I’m gonna miss hearing from you, but hope to catch up with you at E3. Check out his full blog post here.


9 responses to “Sega Community Manager Aaron Webber Promoted To Brand Manager

  1. CosmicCastaway says:

    Very cool. I'm happy for him!

  2. Sharky says:

    Awesome… But I hope his posting on Neogaf and other forums doesnt come to an end.

  3. George says:

    Now he can pitch "Big the Cat" the game, like he promised us he would.

  4. Awesome news! Congrats to Aaron!

  5. Radrappy says:

    Good for him. He's always had a very pleasant and professional disposition that managed to reassure the fanbase like never before. So as Brand Manager, what will he be doing exactly?

  6. Sega Uranus says:

    Good for him. He deserves it far more than AAUK ever did.

  7. STORM! says:

    Oh, I know this guy! I know that Sega asked him a lot about what the western fans wanted from them. Too bad he was not on charge of the Shining series.

    However, I doubt Iizuka will change his mind even with Rubyeclipse giving Sega so many advices.

    Sonic Generations looks good, but I'm pretty sure that Iizuka has filled it with a lot of annoying things, like he always do.

  8. Shining Dawn says:

    Good Job Rubyeclipse. You deserve it!

  9. upsidedown fuji says:

    Cool. Good luck at your new post. Hopefully you are still allowed to post on online forums.

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