Binary Domain details translated from current Famitsu

As many know, Famitsu recently had a massive 20 page spread of SEGA interviews, news, and information. One highlight was an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi and some of his comments have been translated from the latest Famitsu issue. Those who listened to the podcast will know how I hoped that there would be several ways to win a battle and it seems Nagoshi is emphasizing that point. Read on to find out some details that have been translated from his interview and please excuse the dodgy translations.

– Can change member during the battle, and different members will have different cutscene and animations.

– Player able to chose who to team up with to play the game.

– Teammate’s AI will change by depending player’s actions.

– CG story is one of the highlight of this game, since it was developed by Yakuza team.

– Freedom of battle is one of the highlight.

– Variety boss and all boss will have tons of different attack pattern.

– Utilizing different battle environment, for example run up to second floor and jump to an enemy’s head and attack.

– Player can use any object as weapon, as long as you can see them on screen which kind of similar to Yakuza.

– Even with the same boss, by combining different members will change how player plays, there are many kind of battle patterns.

Interview Part 1 summaries:

– In terms of battle Binary Domain is focusing in co-op with teammate, normally in other TPS, NPC will only following player, while some of them were not useful at all, in Binary Domain we want player feels ‘Working closely together to combat’.

– Yakuza End Of The Day was not made, because of trying to develop Binary Domain.

– Yakuza End Of The Day is not real TPS, while Binary Domain is.

– There are some real Tokyo’s street name in the game.

– Upper city is all new kind of futuristic city, while the lower part have place like Shibuya, Roppongi and so on.

And for those interested, SEGAbits member Pao has happily uploaded all the images from the Binary Domain website for all to see. So for those of you who want to see some of the locations and gameplay screens, click on the respective links below.

[Source: Gamenyusu] – Thanks Suzuki Yu!
[Image Gallary: Gameplay and Enviroment] – Thanks Pao


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  1. CrazyTails says:

    That sounds like to good to be true lol. If this all is true I think we may have a game that might even surpass western shooters.

    Nagoshi will earn my respect if he achieves that

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