SEGA Open to Working On F-Zero

In a recent interview with, Mario and Sonic Chief Producer Osamu Ohashi talked about the prospect of teaming up with Nintendo to make another F-Zero game.

It might happen, if someone comes up with a brilliant idea that would make both Nintendo and SEGA happy. If there’s a good idea, that will work for both of us, then we might do that. But as far as we know, we haven’t heard of any concrete plan or project that’s going on

I think I speak for every SEGA fan when I say I don’t think I’d be interested in another F-Zero game without SEGA’s involvement. F-Zero GX was a perfection of the futuristic racer genre, and I would love to see SEGA have another crack on it…especially if it’s on the 3DS or the upcoming “Project Cafe”.


4 responses to “SEGA Open to Working On F-Zero

  1. -nSega54- says:

    I'd certainly be *interested* if it came from Nintendo but of course SEGA did such a fantastic job with GX that it would definitely be preferable if they could come back to it.

    Not for the 3DS though. This series almost requires a big screen. :]

  2. DCGX says:

    F-Zero GX is the only F-Zero game I really like, as hard as it is. I would love SEGA to make a new one. Possibly for the next Nintendo console?

  3. Sharky says:

    Thats some of the best news I’ve heard in Ages, I would TOTALLY be down for this.

    F-Zero GX was the first F-Zero game I ever played and I’m a huge fan of arcade racers, Segas Arcade racers have always been my favourite… Daytonua and Outrun 2 being my favourites of the lot.

    I had so much fun with F-Zero GX that I went and played the previous two games and they just had none of the flare or fun of GX. GX just had that Sega style.

    Sign me up for another Sega developed F-Zero.

  4. STORM! says:

    If Sega wants to develop a new futuristic race game, then they should have make one from Sega’s own library.

    WTF people are thinking asking Sega to develop games for another company???? Sega has not even developed theirs own racing game, like Sega Allstars Racing, and THIS IS a SHAME!

    Last, and very important thing, F-Zero SUX A LOT!!! It’s a boring and nonsense racing game. If it had some weapons like in Motor Raid… -_-

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