More Generations 3DS info and Screenshots from Nintendo Power

TSSZ has reported that scans of the latest Nintendo Power have hit the web and news has circulated very fast. Details from the article have surfaced and we’ve got confirmation on an exclusive 3DS level.

Casino Night zone has been confirmed as a 3DS exclusive level. This will be one of several levels unique to the 3DS. Launch Base is expected too as a boss from that level is shown. The magazine also includes interviews with Takashi Iizuka and Jun Sunoe. Other news includes….

-The game is being co-developed by DIMPS.

-Tetsu Katano (Black Knight) will be taking the helm as director.

-Bonus Stages seem based off of Sonic Heroes.

-Fewer of Sonic’s Friends compared to the console version.

-Some levels may be from past DIMPS games. (GBA, DS)

Iizuka stated “From the start of the project, the concept was to bring Genesis-era Sonic and Present-day Sonic together. On consoles modern-day Sonic is best represented by action 3D-action games like Sonic Colors, which switch between side-view and head-on 3D perspectives. Oh handheld platforms, on the other hand, modern day Sonic is represented by games like Sonic Rush and Sonic Colors, where Sonic uses the Sonic Boost to run at high speeds. That’s why we decided to use that style of gameplay from the handheld version.”

We’re sure to get more details on Sonic Generations for 3DS as E3 nears. Stay tuned to SegaBits for more Sonic Generations info as we will be at E3 to cover this game along with other upcoming Sega games. Expect Sonic Generations to arrive Holiday 2011.


4 responses to “More Generations 3DS info and Screenshots from Nintendo Power

  1. SMT_Xero says:

    kind of makes me sad that casino night is a 3ds only level, but im pumped as hell seeing classic eggman in the launch base zone boss mech

    Seems like im going to have to get two different versions of generations now 😛

  2. CrazyTails says:

    These are good times man. Classic robotnik looks awesome

  3. SMT_Xero says:

    I heard that green hill zone is the only stage shared across all variations of the game

  4. upsidedown fuji says:

    Classic Robotnik makes me feel so good. I love the mustache and coke bottle glasses.

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