Sonic Generations 3DS: Water Palace looks a lot like Apotos

Turns out that the little peek we had at the final Sonic Generations 3DS stage was wrongfully interpreted, and not just by us. All over the web, SEGA fan sites thought Sonic Unleashed’s Apotos stage was going to be the modern era stage to join Sonic Colors in the haldheld version. However, a scan from the Spanish Official Nintendo Magazine says otherwise. As it turns out, a handheld game IS getting representation. The 2005 Sonic Rush DS stage Water Palace will be remixed in 3D, and surely we’ll also be hearing a remix of Hideki Naganuma’s awesome “Back 2 Back”. This is great news for fans bemoaning Sonic Team for featuring a first stage from a non-handheld title, as now we’re getting a second stage from a handheld title. It’s just a shame that the Game Gear and Advance titles did not get representation. Oh, by the way, the magazine seen above gave the game a 90%.

[Source: Sonic Paradise]

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6 responses to “Sonic Generations 3DS: Water Palace looks a lot like Apotos

  1. DCGX says:

    I’m sure it’s been said, but would’ve been amazing is if the console version stuff with the remake of only past console game levels (which is did), and the 3DS version had done the same with only past handheld game levels.

    Either way I’m really looking forward to this version!

  2. Adam Duffield says:

    Nothings been comfirmed

  3. Damon says:

    It’s Apotos, not Apatos.
    I like Tomoya Ohtani’s awesome Windmill Isle track better than Back 2 Back, but it’s good to see that a handheld game is being referenced.

  4. Thanks for that, made the change.

    Also, fingers crossed additional music is included, like Windmill Isle.

  5. teirusu says:

    apotos its my favorite sonic unleashed level

  6. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    Hmm… so far the 3DS version has both a 78% and 90% score. Lets hope it really is better then we think it is.

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