Sonic Generations 3DS: Mushroom Hill in Action

NLifeNintendoMag gives us our first peek at Mushroom Hill in Sonic Generations for 3DS. All the badniks and traps from the original version are included. In fact, I believe it’s very close to the exact same level design too. Personally, I’m still not feeling it for the classic gameplay in 3DS, but we’ll see how things improve as we move closer to release. I’m really excited to see some modern video as I really enjoyed modern gameplay of GHZ back at E3.

Sonic Generations 3DS is currently scheduled for a late fall release.


2 responses to “Sonic Generations 3DS: Mushroom Hill in Action

  1. Crazytails says:

    Saw it at Ssmb, and wow. Dimps actually has the better classic gameplay. Sadly the level design is same as the classics, but hopefully there will be more acts. Wwe will see

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