Guardian Heroes NOT Available Tomorrow….@#$%!!!!

That’s right! According to Major Nelson, the XBLA HD version of Guardian Heroes drops tomorrow (that’s Wednesday 8/31) at the low price of 800points! ($10 USD) Considering how much a Saturn copy goes for on E-Bay, that’s a steal! Now it’s time for me, George, Aki, Sharky and the rest to fight over who gets to review it.

UPDATE: Major Nelson messed up. It’s not coming out today. Sorry. (:-(


11 responses to “Guardian Heroes NOT Available Tomorrow….@#$%!!!!

  1. Harry says:

    wow! any idea if its the same case for europe?? By the way my gamertag is westhamhaz if you need anymore people to play co-op with 😀

  2. Shigs says:

    I have to resubscribe to Gold first. I let mine lag since I don’t use my 360 much. For some reason, four other Arcade titles are also coming tomorrow so GH has some competition.

  3. Trippled says:

    too many dotsit should be 3 maximum.

    fire this editor immadietly.

  4. Shigs says:

    LOL There’s no set rules on dramatic pause dots.

  5. Purps says:

    Any idea if this is the same story and gameplay as the original? I heard of this game and would love a chance to play the remake. Guess I’m out ten bucks.

  6. Purps says:

    Crud! Major Nelson just tweeted that it will not come out tomorrow…

  7. radrappy says:

    out of pure curiosity, why is this a 360 exclusive? Is there a reason?

  8. Can you put a link to e source?

  9. /|\
    \ /

    “the” source.

  10. Arc Christelle says:


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