Xbox Live Arcade version of Guardian Heroes gets Xbox One backwards compatibility


Guardian Heroes was a cult classic SEGA Saturn game by the development studio Treasure, an arcade style beat em’ up in a similar vein to Golden Axe or Streets of Rage, but with RPG elements such as the ability to level up and increases your stats. Later it would receive an Xbox Live Arcade update, fundamentally being the same as the SEGA Saturn original, but including optional enhanced graphics with a stylized pencil sketch look and tweaked gameplay changes using “remix” options, and new features such as online play and an endless survival gauntlet mode.

If you haven’t played the remastered version of Guardian Heroes but have an Xbox One, the game has been recently been announced to be Xbox One backwards today, along with the game Operation Flashpoint: Red River, as confirmed on the Larry Hyrb Twitter account. If you want a solid beat ’em up game on the Xbox One, Guardian Heroes might be up your ally.

The SEGA Five: Best SEGA games on the Xbox 360

Today is the launch day for the Xbox One in America, and as people head to stores to pick up the latest console, the Xbox 360 officially becomes a “last gen” machine. Last week George named the five best SEGA titles to grace the Playstation 3, and seeing as how I’m the site’s Xbox guy, I thought I’d do the same for the Xbox 360. As with George’s list, these are my personal picks, so feel free to add any titles in the comments section!

Guardian Heroes NOT Available Tomorrow….@#$%!!!!

That’s right! According to Major Nelson, the XBLA HD version of Guardian Heroes drops tomorrow (that’s Wednesday 8/31) at the low price of 800points! ($10 USD) Considering how much a Saturn copy goes for on E-Bay, that’s a steal! Now it’s time for me, George, Aki, Sharky and the rest to fight over who gets to review it.

UPDATE: Major Nelson messed up. It’s not coming out today. Sorry. (:-(

Guardian Heroes: Saturn mode vs. HD mode

[HD vs. Saturn mode]

SEGA was under the lens when the first screens of Guardian Heroes came out: the ones that used that ugly filter. SEGA has been saying that the game was ‘re-mastered’ for HD consoles. Putting a filter on graphics isn’t re-mastered… but did they do this? SEGA has listed what has changed, been re-done and has stayed the same.