Japanese Charts: Yakuza on PSP debuts at #2, Shining Blade still charting

The weekly Japanese charts came in and have Black Panther 2: Yakuza Ashura Chapter debuting at number 2. The Black Panther series is a spin-off of the Yakuza series on the PSP. This is the second title. Unlike console versions of Yakuza, the handheld version features its own playable main character and not Kazuma Kiryu. The game sold 104,937 units. The game came out March 22nd and since the chart ended on the 25th, the game only got 3 days of sales counted. We should be seeing it next week.

The second SEGA title to chart this week was another PSP game, this one Shining Blade. It’s funny actually, Shining Blade came out a week ago and charted at number 2 when it was out selling 122,257 units. So yeah, Shining Blade debuted better than Black Panther 2. This week Shining Blade dropped to number 10 and pushed an additional 19,032 units. So far Shining Blade has sold  141,289 units.

Not bad at all. I guess SEGA was in the right when they decided to still release PSP games in Japan instead of moving development to Playstation Vita.

Black Panther 2 to feature lots of cats

Are you a cat lover? So are lots of Japanese people it seems. Did you know in Japan they have such a thing as ‘Cat Cafes’?  In Black Panther 2, you will be looking for Tsukahara who runs the fighting tournaments, but before you can enter he will force you to find his 102 cats. Pictured above is the new mission revealed by SEGA.

Talking about collecting, you can also collect sexy cards that if you put together in the right order create a sexy lady. That’s right, cats and wank materiel in one game? It does have it all.


Toshihiro Nagoshi stars in Black Panther 2 ad, tells all men to play his game

Toshihiro Nagoshi always said that the Black Panther PSP games was about aggression and being a man. He has decided to use the same idea for the sequel, Black Panther 2: Yakuza Asura Chapter. Who better to tell the men at home to play the new Black Panther than the most manliest man Nagoshi knows? That’s right, himself.

SEGA gives Nagoshi a truck to advertise Binary Domain & Black Panther 2

SEGA has already marketed his game with a hummer, so it seems the next logical step would be a truck! That is right, Toshihiro Nagoshi and the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio are going to get their own truck to help promote their latest two titles, Binary Domain and Black Panther 2 in Japan. The truck will house demos of both particular titles mentioned. With it, players lucky enough to get a ride in the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio track will not only play the game, but get to meet Toshihiro Nagoshi himself! Click on the link below to Andriasang to check how many people turned up to the original signings for Yakuza 1 in 2005 and another image of SEGA’s newest marketing tool. Perhaps next time they’ll happen to use a bus.

[Thanks to SEGA Portuguese for the tip! Andriasang ]

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Nagoshi hopes his Yakuza studio is the next AM2

[Logo for  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio]

We grew up as SEGA fans, so when we hear AM2 a rush of games pop into our head, most of them damn amazing. Its hard not to love AM2 when they release such quality software like Virtua Fighter series, Outrun, Shenmue, and many more classics.

Nagoshi was asked in the panel if he wanted his team,  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, to be a landmark team the same way AM2 was for SEGA. Nagoshi says he hopes it happens and he also wants people to see them as a studio that brings out quality games.

As for Nagoshi leaving SEGA, it isn’t true.  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio actually works in the SEGA building. So false.
[Source: AndriaSang]

First Black Panther 2 screens and artwork hits the web

SEGA and Nagoshi held their press event today, confirming everything that Famitsu spoiled was true. That means that SEGA now has a studio just for Yakuza games called Ryu ga Gotoku Studio (Like a Dragon Studio).

The new team has all the main players from the Yakuza franchise. This includes Toshihiro Nagoshi, Masayoshi Kikuchi, Daisuke Sato, Yojiro Ogawa, and Masayoshi Yokoyama.

The new Black Panther game is a direct sequel to the first game, you will play as the same young lead. Not only that, you will have 3 new characters to play as, much like Yakuza 4’s set up. The game is also looking impressive for a PSP title.