TGS round up would make Toshihiro Nagoshi proud

[Nagoshi having a rest or tanning?]

So now that TGS is behind us and we are sprinting into fall, let us look back at all the awesome SEGA announcements and news bits we posted.

News bits:

Trailers & Videos:

Screenshots & Photos:

Don’t worry, there is still news to come. We will be stalking the internet trying to get all the Phantasy Star Online 2 information we can. As you can tell, I’m are most excited for this title. Best TGS in a long time?


8 responses to “TGS round up would make Toshihiro Nagoshi proud

  1. voldo83 says:

    Thats the right spirit. Will sooo buy Phantasy Star Online 2 day 1. Hope they connect the new stuff with the old stuff, so you can play PSO1 in PSO2.

  2. alimn says:

    Up until Yu Suzuki shows up,

    Nagoshi san is my favorite game designer and rule model!

    ha ha, I like him…he is like a real clebrity designer!

    thanks to him and David Cage for keeping Shenmue's name alive by making games in it's category!

    However, this Zombie one is something more!

    something new!, combined! Shenmue+Resident Evil! lol,

    If the game is going to get released in 2012

    and according to those fortune tellers the world

    will get finished by 2012, I think that the release

    date and the title really makes sense! LOL!

    I wish you can post links to the game play trailer!

    the big one which shows all we must know! not only

    a teaser…

    That one is awesome!

  3. alimn says:



    , I always believed Capcom is doing incredible

    during last years…well, they were awesome this year too!

    But the award goes to SEGA!


  4. Sharky says:

    Best Sega line up since 2002, in fact it could have been a Dreamcast TGS this year.

    Loads of awesome games.

  5. Sega Uranus says:

    Solid lineup for sure, but far too many RPGs.

  6. Abac says:

    Hey, what happened to Sakura Wars 6? I remember it being hinted at quite a bit.

  7. CrazyTails says:

    Great month for SEGA, fo sho

  8. George says:

    @Abac, the team said they were 'working' on a announcement. Some say they are working on Valkyria Chronicles 3, but who knows tbh.

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