Project Draco not a Panzer Dragoon game

Yukio Futatsugi, creator of Phantom Dust and developer on Panzer Dragoon, is working on Project Draco. The game even looks like Panzer Dragoon, especially if you have seen the artwork (pictured above). Regardless of this, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer says its not a Panzer Dragoon game, only inspired by.

“It’s a Kinect game for one thing, which is going to have its own take on it, there are some differences between — as a Panzer Dragoon fan — the stuff we’ve seen in the Panzer Dragoon series and [Project Draco] … Futasugi-san does have a passion for dragons and the interactions between humans and dragons, I think you could say ‘inspired by’ and obviously Futatsugi-san’s heritage with that franchise is an important part of his history. Wouldn’t characterize [Project Draco] as a Panzer Dragoon game.” – Phil Spencer Microsoft Game Studios VP

He says the game is going to be its own and even goes as far as to say “I think there’s some great things about the mechanic in Panzer Dragoon that can work really well, but we’re not in any way trying to diminish the value of that franchise or steal from it.” If this is a rail shooter, with the same art and concept as Panzer Dragoon; can we call him on his words?

[Source: Joystiq]


9 responses to “Project Draco not a Panzer Dragoon game

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Thanks for this information george. Still hoping for a real panzer dragoon in the future

  2. Pao says:

    Is it s a Kinect exclusive?

  3. George says:


    Yes. As far as the announcement went, it was announced only for Kinect. Also won't be a retail game, it will be a XBLA.

    The game was also teased to have online and co-op.

  4. Sharky says:

    Sure as hell isnt a Panzer Dragoon game… I HATE the dragon designs.

    But the artwork is nice and frankly I would just fucking KILL for more Panzer Dragoon.

  5. ImSmartUrDum says:

    It's not only being directed by the original director of Panzer Dragoon but also the original Panzer Dragoon concept artist and original Panzer Dragoon Programmer.

    Looks very interesting!

  6. upsidedown fuji says:

    I'm very curious to see what this game really ends up becoming.

  7. Suzuki Yu says:


    the artwork actually is very very familiar with Panzer Dragoon series .

    this game screaming Panzer . i think it will be a true successor and i think i will buy the Kinect for this specific title .

  8. So it's not published by Sega?

  9. George says:

    @ It is being published by Microsoft. It just has ex-SEGA employees working on the title.

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