4Kids holding Sonic comic contest with Archie

4Kids, those people that made people angry with their localization of Sonic X, is holding a sweepstakes with the help of Archie. So what do you get?

One grand prize winner will be a character in an upcoming Sonic comic and also get a one year subscription to the comic. Twenty other people will just get the one year Sonic comic subscription.

But hey, those aren’t bad prizes. If you want to enter, click here. You have all the way until November 30th to enter. Even though it looks like it’s word wide, official rules say that it isn’t. So US only. Also you have to be 3 to 17 years old to enter. Only jail bait, sorry old men and women reading this.

[Source: TSSZ]


9 responses to “4Kids holding Sonic comic contest with Archie

  1. Barry the Nomad says:

    For those who are over the age limit, I’ll gladly draw them into an existing Sonic comic. Just provide me a photo and I’ll get to work.

  2. SMT_Xero says:

    Whats that no one under 17 allowed? *pft* do it anyway

  3. teirusu says:

    i am sorry but i dont like for kids they ruined sonic x

  4. jingoi says:

    Simple, you make the comic then give you brother/sister/alias the credit.

  5. Ingolme says:

    That particular cover looks so much like low quality fan fiction, having a female Metal Sonic in it and recolors in the background. That’s mostly the reason why I dislike the comics.

    Their prize isn’t very appealing, but I guess it’s their way of getting back to the people for making them look through all the scary contest entries.

  6. Shigs says:

    That’s a really old cover. Back when Penders was writing the book and it was more of a furry soap opera.

  7. SMT_Xero says:

    thats sonic’s dad. not a female metal sonic.

  8. matty says:

    ^The one wearing the skirt? That explains a lot.

    If you’re an older fan, you should check out Pal Comix. They already did a few Sonic comics that fans wanted to be made. The art style is less “rigid”, though.

  9. Miguel Dreemurr says:

    What Happended In This Comic?!?!

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