SEGA’s JSR art contest extends into All-Stars!

And the All-Stars news continues! Remember the Jet Set Radio graffiti contest Sega mentioned awhile back? Now, it will extend into Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed as Sega has just announced a Jet Set Radio level for that game. So all you budding artists now have a second chance to get your work in a SEGA game this year! Get your canvas out and start making a masterpiece.


3 responses to “SEGA’s JSR art contest extends into All-Stars!

  1. Gagaman says:

    Still need the results for the previous contest which have been delayed for a month now :T

  2. JohnOfRage says:

    Hope you can play all the old cars from the frist game.

  3. Ziming says:

    I’ve tried using your contact page but feedback is very slow. Anyway there is this amazing Shenmue HD tribute video out. Please have a look and consider doing a news update. Thanks.

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