Shinobi for 3DS in Stores Now!

I’ve been an advocate for this game pretty much since I played it at E3. I’ve liked what I’ve played of my two playthroughs at E3 and NYCC so much that I picked up at midnight last night alongside Halo Anniversary. Several hours in, I must only reiterate what I’ve said before: if you have any love for Shinobi or old school games in general, you must buy this. This is easily one of the best 3DS games I’ve played all year, not to mention one of the best SEGA games I’ve played. The difficulty is punishing and pure old school Shinobi at it’s finest. The controls and level design are rock solid so far, and there are plenty of references to past Shinobi games hidden throughout. Remember those killer brains from Shinobi 3’s Body Weapon level? I just got mauled by one a few minutes ago.

And remember, if you don’t buy it, we won’t get another one.

Shinobi is out in stores now. SEGAbits will be doing a few things to promote the game, so keep an eye out.


2 responses to “Shinobi for 3DS in Stores Now!

  1. Shigs says:

    Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics comes out today as well. NOT THAT ANYONE CARES “Sniff!”

  2. Richard says:

    Shinobi is the only reason im after a 3Ds so bring on xmas 2011

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