European PSN members can get Sonic Generations and free Sonic CD theme

That is right, the downloadable version of Sonic Generations has hit the European PSN. For those Sonic games that refuse to go into a store and purchase the game, you will be able to pick it up now for £31.99/€39.99. The game is pretty big, weighing in at 8704MB.

But if you don’t have money, don’t get sad. SEGA has released a free Sonic CD XMB theme. The theme is basically Metal Sonic and Sonic racing through Stardust Speedway. The theme will change from good to bad versions. Pretty neat.


5 responses to “European PSN members can get Sonic Generations and free Sonic CD theme

  1. SEGA 4 EVER says:

    I got the theme couple of hours ago and its awesome, also you forgot to mention the 2 sonic generation themes that also arrived (at least for EU PSN) 1 is classic sonic theme and the other is modern sonic theme, both you have to pay for.

  2. DCGX says:

    SEGA always does cool themes for PSN, and some are free. I wish they’d do some for Xbox 360. If anything because the Sonic Generations theme was so ‘blah.’

  3. loren says:

    l want sonic generations so bad because I am a sonic fan I like every game of sonic shadow and sliver I like sonic the hedgehog

  4. loren says:

    I sign up for psn and playstationstore

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