Edge Online wants a western release for Yakuza 5

Guess what? We agree with them. They did a pretty sweet article titled ‘Yakuza 5 and why it needs a western release.

 “Nagoshi’s housewarming is in full swing in Japan, and it’s high time the rest of the world gatecrashed the party.”

Usually I would love for the game to get a box release, but seeing as One Piece and a few other games have profited by digital only releases, I wouldn’t mind that as long as I get to play it in English. What about you?


6 responses to “Edge Online wants a western release for Yakuza 5

  1. YakuzaFan says:

    While I’d love to get it any way possible I’d only pick digital as a last resort. With every other release being physical I would like to keep my collections going. What happens in 5 years when the PSN for PS3 stops working and I lose access to my old games. I worry about that with Okami HD 🙁

    Maybe a digital release for Yakuza HD collection and both Physical and Digital for 5 would be best. Just create a smaller supply for the initial run in order to save money and maybe offer the PSN version at a discounted price.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    I think yakuza 5 will be the hardest one to sell in the west with the inclusion of haruka’s non optional part. Im speaking for myself in this but id assume many more played yakuza because of its very serious and adult tone. All the silly stuff has been optional so far. but I dunno. Id kind of feel uncomfortable playing haruka’s story because im usually surrounded by relatives when playing games. Gameplay wise i cant say anything untill i try it out for myself

    But from a general pov i dont see that type of gameplay work in the west and throw people off as a main thing. Id suggest it to be made optional if they localize yakuza 5

    Ive been playing dead souls lately and its my quickfix till y5 comes out. Always fun runnin around in kamerucho, and i think the zombie part is actually pretty good but i would lie if i said that i didnt miss the brawling and canon storyline.

  3. MrSega says:

    i was in support of digital till sony came out and said you cant play your digital games on the ps4. i would much prefer yakuza 5 boxed than not having it at all. i think its awful shame we have to go back to this support and wait tactic again from sega.

    yakuza fans voiced to get yauza 3 over and again voiced when content was removed. this is why sometimes it annoys me that this new sega is very closed and dont bother to bring over their titles out of japan. valkyria chronicles, 7th dragon, phantasy star and now yakuza. its annoying and i wish they get their foot out of their ass and stop making ios games and sonic titles and bring over their titles.

    no more excuses , how can you support a company and their games when they themselves dont give people a chance to play them.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    Yakuza games are usually 20 gig so i wouldnt expect them digital, like ever

    • metamorphic says:

      A digital version of the Yakuza games wouldn’t be more than 7-10GB. Not even games like Battlefield are over 10-12GB. You don’t understand how the digital download system works.

  5. inthesky says:

    Yeah I didn’t expect Yakuza games to be released digital because I thought they were huge.

    Anyway, I support Edge Online for this. Thanks Sega for the Yakuza 5 support…

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