Sonic CD is out, it’s cheap and it’s really, really good!

SEGA have done something fantastic today, something you don’t see big publishers doing very often. They have chosen to reach out to the community and nabbed themselves Christian Whitehead aka ‘Taxman’ and his quite marvelous ‘Retro Engine’. It’s my understanding that Whitehead has been developing his ‘Retro Engine’ for quite some time now and gained a name for himself in the Sonic Community, and I can see why. His re-master release of Sonic CD for XBLA, PSN, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and of course PC is really, really good!

Unlike Backbone’s rather poor and often botched efforts at updating SEGA classics, Christian Whitehead’s ‘Retro Engine’ has given us Sonic CD locked at 60fps on every platform, both Euro/Japan and US sound tracks, new features, playable Tails, a choice of filters and modes, achievements and more… It really boasts the lot!

Hit the jump to find out why I think SEGA should snap up Whitehead and his engine!

Now I’ve been reading up on the Retro Engine it seems like quite an amazing piece of software and best of all- it isn’t tied to Sonic games! If you ask me SEGA of America needs to snap Whitehead and his fantastic engine up ASAP. Give the guy a team even a studio of his own and put them to work on other SEGA classics. Why? Because SEGA’s back catalogue is a potential goldmine and they could double their money (and reputation) if they can promise to deliver more classic SEGA ports at this high standard.

Eventually SEGA’s classic games are going to need to be delivered in 60fps, 1080p and all the rest and it seems like the brilliant Retro Engine can do all this and more. Can you imagine Streets of Rage or Comix Zone? Hell, even Shining Force 2 or Phantasy Star 4 remade with the care that Sonic CD had? Just give yourself a minute to think about your favourite classic SEGA IPs…

Heck, by what I’ve seen on forums Whitehead has already won a lot of Sonic fans over and has quite a following. Give him a studio and a blog to chat up the fans and watch the Sonic fans flock to buy up all those classic SEGA IPs religiously.

SEGA of America have said they are serious about becoming a leading digital game developer/publisher, well I think getting Christian and his engine onboard would be a huge step to achieving that goal.  DO ET!


15 responses to “Sonic CD is out, it’s cheap and it’s really, really good!

  1. CrazyTails says:

    I allready bought sonic CD twice. Considering how cheap the game is, i might even buy it a third time.

    I agree about the remakes of other genesis classics. What would be really nice is if they actually upgraded the visuals. Would be awesome if the retro engine could do something like that.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    On all different platforms though lol. I might gift the game to random people as well considering how cheap the game is.

  3. Crackdude says:

    CrazyTails, u so rich 🙂

  4. Barry the Nomad says:

    I bought the 360 version and the iOS version, think that’ll be in for me. lol.

    This is a great release though! Fixes a lot of niggles I had with the original: faster load times, music is far smoother (no abrupt changes), improved physics. I’d really like to see a widescreen Chaotix next, with Sonic and Tails added as playable characters. That game has some great music and boss battles. Also, more Metal Sonic.

  5. Crackdude says:

    Barry, do you recommend the iOS version? Or is the digital pad awkward?

    I’m getting the PS3 one fo sure though.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I recommend it. Digital pad will never ever be perfect, but it is way better than the pad found in the Sonic 1&2 iOS releases. Far more responsive and “tight”. It’s the best it’s going to get, IMO. I quite liked Sonic 4’s pad too, but CD is better.

    • Crackdude says:

      I tried Sonic 1 and SOR on the iPhone before and was very sad that the dpad sucked.

      Might try Sonic CD tho. Thanks

  6. CrazyTails says:

    Lol crack well it’s not alot of money you know considering s4e1 was offered for 15 dollars and having CD for around 2 dollars on the phones now. I mean i’d be glad if I could offer people such a good game on their phone.

  7. NiGHTSfan says:

    The write-up says there’s a PC version? It’s not on Steam….where can I get that?

  8. randroid says:

    Streets of Rage already got the same treatment by a group called bombergames. They are another group that should be snatched up by Sega Europe (Bombergames is based out of Spain). Check out their Streets of Rage Remake. It has an Incredible level of quality.

    • Sharky says:

      I already have, it’s very good!

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Back in ’09, Whitehead had to remove his Sonic CD videos and people assumed SEGA stopped him. Turned out they hired him! Wonder if the SoR people are now helping with a remake?

    • Baim says:

      It would have likely been in deevolpment long before then. I don’t think it looks too bad from the stuff we’ve seen, it’s just that Sonic Team’s allowed Dimps to put their Rush engine stuff in there again, which doesn’t fit the Classic half of the game. I hope these things get fixed before release. I mean, they’ve got Classic Sonic uncurling off ramps with no homing attack to protect him from enemies. That’s just dumb.

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