Samurai & Dragons gets first gameplay trailer

SEGA has just released the first trailer for their up and coming Playstation Vita exclusive, Samurai & Dragons which is being produced by famed SEGA developer Masayoshi Kikuchi. The trailer features the 4 play co-op that will be half the title, as players will go through various dungeons and fight minotaurs, the undead and as you may have guessed, dragons. The other half of the title will be the town building aspect, which you will be able to expand after hunting for resources in the dungeons in the world and by beating bosses. So far there is no release date announced for Western audience or in the game’s native Japan.

[Thanks to Pao for the tip!]


6 responses to “Samurai & Dragons gets first gameplay trailer

  1. This is totally a reskinned Kingdom Conquest! And to be honest, it looks way cooler as Samurai & Dragons.

  2. Sharky says:

    I want to love this, I really do… But those ugly, dated and very bland enviroments are just killing it for me.

    The concept is awesome but this game is not going to do very well simply because of those dull levels. A missed opportunity by Sega I think. Shame.

    • hello says:

      Its a psn store exclusive title. So you should not expect it to be a really big budget vita game with the best graphics when its likely to be a free or really cheap buy on the psn store. Its a sega of japan online brawler/mmo style game that reminds me of a genesis game . I don’t think this is a ‘missed opportunity’ for what it is at all.

  3. Radrappy says:

    what the HELL was that female character design? Her breasts were exploding out of her bikini. My god.

  4. hello says:

    Why are people so quick to judge and criticize this game without considering the full facts?! Sega of Japan wanted to create a full mmo on a handheld that would utilize the networking capabilities of the ps vita. Its going to be a psn store only exclusive title so it will likely be free or very cheap like the kingdom conquest game on ios. So I dont really get why people are complaining about graphics when its not a full retail $40 release game.

    Sega of japan seem to be developing the title and art reminds of the genesis era which is cool! Im interested!

  5. nuckles87 says:

    I’ll admit the graphics look a little eh, but…who cares? It’s a PSN exclusive. It’s not going to be a full price retail game.

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