Samurai & Dragons is probably one of Vita’s best free games

There was some confusion when Samurai & Dragons was first revealed, hype was built up thanks to the fact that none other than Jet Set Radio’s director Masayoshi Kikuchi was announced to be working on a Vita game. Soon after however hype died down when the graphics left much to be desired. Somewhere lost in translation was that Samurai & Dragons will be free to download off PSN (With a boxed version being released with extra items) and when you take that into account, the title is looking like it could be an enjoyable ride.

Inspired from SEGA’s iOS title Kingdom Conquest, Samurai & Dragons promises to have a multiplayer aspect that would no doubt entice people who are looking for a free co-op game. The title is releasing in retail on 29th March for Japan and 26th April for Japanese PSN. A Western release date is yet to be confirmed.


One response to “Samurai & Dragons is probably one of Vita’s best free games

  1. Sharky says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this game but I do know that I would LOVE to see Creative Assembly do a take on this kind of game.

    It would be insane to have an MMO with the kind of overworld and depth of a Total War campaign map mixed with the dungeon crawling and battles of their Viking game. Heck if they could get the Total War stratgey battles in there too that would be such a killer game.

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