SEGA in the Media: Breaking Bad plays a Broken, Bad Sonic Game

The AMC series Breaking Bad has depicted some pretty detestable things, including producing and selling meth, but perhaps the show’s biggest offense was the depiction of characters enjoying Sonic ’06. In the eleventh episode of season four, titled “Crawl Space”, the character Jesse plays a two player match of Sonic vs. Shadow in Wave Ocean with his girlfriend’s son. Warning: the following clip features some very bad pretend video game playing.

Nothing against Breaking Bad, I’ve just started watching the show and it is very good, but the way they pretend to play the game is just awful. At one point the actor playing Jesse is just spinning both analog sticks on the 360 pad. I also like the banter: “How are you doing all those backflips?”, “Cheat code.”, “You’re just pressin’ buttons and it makes you do magical stuff”, “A hundred and one backflips I did”. Breaking Bad may have won the award for worst video game playing, unless readers know of a worse offender.


9 responses to “SEGA in the Media: Breaking Bad plays a Broken, Bad Sonic Game

  1. DCGX says:

    I have yet to watch this show, it’s on my long list, but it seems ‘Breaking Bad’ has a habit of poorly showing how games are played. Like last fall before ‘Rage’ was out, and the lead in this scene was playing it with a pistol.

  2. Jason Lee in Mallrats does an excellent job playing the SEGA Saturn. He just stares blankly at the screen and taps buttons. I think actors who don’t play games think you have to be all animated.

  3. Brian says:

    Haven’t got to this episode yet, however I recall Jesse also playing All Stars Racing with some random girl at his party somewhere either in late season 3 or early season 4 xD

  4. Kellie says:

    this is my fav game

  5. The Red Blur says:

    For f- Really? REALLY? God damnit! Why this THIS of all Sonic games!

  6. Cupcake says:

    Never played Sonic 06 due to the lack of a PS3 or Xbox 360, so I can’t speak on the game or do I have an opinion on it. At least it’s kind of cool seeing a Sega cameo in a fairly recent show.

    Thanks for linking this on Twitter, I always find it fun seeing Sega cameos on shows and such. Saw that Saturn one a good while back.

  7. Mordecai says:

    oh shut up, this game is not broken
    you dumb mainstream simple minded baboon

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