SEGA of Japan Has the Best Restrooms: Video Interview With Toylets Producer

Courtesy of YouTube show OtakuVerseZero comes a unique interview with Hirotaka Machida, producer of the urinal game Toylets. Machida shows off the game, thankfully using simulated blue urine coming from a statue, and discusses the development of the unique “console”. Highlights include the discussion of the game’s “controller” and how the development team presented the game to the board of directors. Check out the full interview for proof that wackiness is not dead at SEGA.

Thanks to reader SEGA_Portuguese for the link!


7 responses to “SEGA of Japan Has the Best Restrooms: Video Interview With Toylets Producer

  1. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    You are welcome! 🙂

    i suggest everyone check out because you guys will see how much crazy things are inside of SEGA, lol.

    PS: for the vocalvoid fans: the girl is the VA for Luka

  2. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    Oh yeah Barry, there is also this other show about SEGA that Otaku VZ recorded:

    This was recorded inside of a SEGA Arcade house. Very good.

  3. crackdude says:

    Good to know Sega is still investing in the hardware market.

  4. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    It totally looks like the lady there felt totally akward demonstrating a urinal game. Oh well, ladies in Japan aren’t strangers to urinals anyhow. From what my wife has mentioned to me and what I’ve seen on TV shows whenever there is something restroom related in the news, most ladies restrooms in Japan have at least one urinal in it for little boys. Kind of convenient I guess but embarassing for anyone who’d prefer not to see that. Ok, I’m getting off track here…

    Honestly, before Japan decides its time to make games like these, they should train the guys here to step closer to the target. Maybe this will help…

    SEGA never fails to amaze me on unique game devices. Maybe the’ll make a version for the ladies next? Its only fair after all.

  5. matty says:

    Yuu Asakawa. I got a chance to met her at Anime Expo ’10. As SEGA_Portuguese said, she provided the voice for vocaloid Luka.
    I know her fondly for her role as Sakaki-san from Azumanga Daioh.

    And Patrick Fucking Macias…
    I can never get used to the idea of using a bidet. Having a stream of water being shot up my ass just feels like a violation of trust between myself and the toilet.

  6. sonicplayer says:

    better than kinect, not kidding

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