Toshihiro Nagoshi Becomes Sega’s Chief Creative Officer on April 1st – No Foolin’!

Starting April 1st, theres a new CCO in town: Toshihiro Nagoshi. SEGA Sammy has announced that starting in April a bit of corporate reshuffling will go into effect, due to the retirement of some of SEGA’s higher ups. Naoya Tsurumi takes over the President and Chief Operating Officer role from the retiring Okitane Usu. Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of Yakuza and producer of the recently released Binary Domain, will fill a newly formed Chief Creative Officer position. All I can say is that this is some great news! I know nothing about Naoya Tsurumi, but Nagoshi in a CCO role? Very cool. Always a good thing to see a talented person in a high level creative position. Check out the full report here in PDF form.


6 responses to “Toshihiro Nagoshi Becomes Sega’s Chief Creative Officer on April 1st – No Foolin’!

  1. CrazyTails says:

    I have a feeling with nagoshi now at the top(well at least pretty high), things might change in the future.

  2. Shigs says:

    Bitchin’ news! A creative officer who’s actually creative. XD I’m very happy for him and excited to see what this will bring for Sega in the future.

  3. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    I think nothing is gonna change. The problem of SEGA now is not the games. The last ports was awesome (Daytona, Sonic CD), Binary, Sonic Generations and RThief, all of them are great games. We have more great games coming (PSonline 2, Yakuza DS, Virtua 5 FS, Aliens), SEGA did a great work putting Sonic in all places of the media. Really, overall, SEGA is doing a fantastic job.

    The main problem are the sales, SEGA needs at least more one or two games with good sales. And now comes the problem, they had the opportunity with Binary Domain and they lost.
    Nagoshi can do great things in Japan, but i dont think he can do anything to help SEGA West.

    Next opportunity is Aliens Colonial Marines, what they gonna do now? A great marketing or one day before the release date they will announce Skies of Arcadia and a crazy contest ?

  4. Centrale says:

    First thing we’re gonna notice is the Sega logo gradually becoming more tan…

  5. STORM! says:

    If I remember correct, Naoya Tsurumi is the son of Satomi Hajime, the owner of Sega. He was for a long time working beside Sega of America/Europe president, Mark Hayes.

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