Contest: Win a copy of Binary Domain and a limited edition Binary Domain backpack

This contest is for two PS3 copies of Binary Domain and 2 limited edition Binary Domain backpacks. How do you enter? Tell us in the comment section what your favorite SEGA robot is. That simple. On Friday we will pick 2 winners.

This contest is worldwide. Please do not comment more than once. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address when commenting so we can contact you.

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CONTEST OVER: The contest is over and the two winners have been e-mailed. Thanks for entering!


326 responses to “Contest: Win a copy of Binary Domain and a limited edition Binary Domain backpack

  1. Daniel says:

    Metal Sonic is my favorite Sega robot!

  2. Bryan says:

    Metal Knuckles… always liked sidekicks more than the main characters.

  3. JD Blosser says:

    Metal Sonic! Could there be another? 😛 Thanks for the chance!

  4. SEGA MAN says:

    I’m not sure if it counts as a robot but Wren from Phantasy Star IV was one of the characters I always kept in my party.

  5. ItsPirrip says:

    My favorite Sega robot is Metal Sonic

  6. Sega Uranus says:

    Easy, Vectorman.


  7. My favorite SEGA robot is Orbot.

  8. Andrew says:

    Metal Sonic!

  9. louiedog says:

    Hmm, probably Metal Sonic.

  10. Tion Bruton says:

    GOLDEN SILVER from both Gunstar Heroes and Gunstar Super Heroes…..BAD. ASS. was able to defeat him in both versions….after trying 15 gawddamn times!! Dx

  11. Justin says:

    Everyone knows Roboy from JSRF is the best SEGA robot.

  12. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    My favorite SEGA Robot is Cain from Binary Domain.

  13. Emmett The Crab says:

    Abadd from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

  14. Jose Luis Romeu says:

    Azel from Panzer Dragoon Saga. While not 100% robotic, Azel is a self-conscious biologically engineered killing machine, sort of the evolution of the “hollow children” you face in Binary Domain.

  15. James says:

    Scooter – Alien Storm

    He has that awesome Battlestar Galactica classic Cylon vibe ^___^

  16. JD Northwest says:

    Back in the day… ECO35-2 or “Coton” was pretty awesome.

  17. Richie says:

    Im going old school and picking Demi from phantasy star 4 , shes a badass 😀

  18. Laelaps says:

    Not sure if he’s strictly “robot” enough, but E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure, easily.

  19. Curtis says:

    Dr. Zan from Streets of Rage

  20. Revillution says:

    Vectorman is my favorite SEGA robot! Extremely underrated character/game! It was soooo awesome though! <3

  21. Daniel Williams says:

    Ah the amount I spent on Virtual On in the arcades when I was a kid! So yeah, all the robots from Virtual On 🙂

  22. Orta says:

    The dude robot from Labyrinth Zone in the first Sonic. I liked him because his name, “Burrobot”, stands for dumb bot in my language.

    I’m such a child.

  23. straitJacket says:

    I would have to say Dural from the Virtua Fighter series. Not only is “she” reminiscent of T-1000 (Terminator 2), in training modes you can literally program her
    -since the root of robot is the Slavic word ‘robota’, essentially drudge worker.

  24. Hallgaar says:

    Dr. Eggman.

  25. Chow says:

    Mecha Michael Jackson from Moonwalker, and mainly just to throw out an obscure reference to prove what a (somewhat) oldskool Sega fan I am!

  26. Dynames12 says:

    The MBV-707-J Temjin from Virtual On is my favorite Sega robot.

  27. SonicItachi says:

    The Death Egg Robot from Sonic 3 & Knuckles because you fight it 4 times in a row, that is one huge fight!!! So epic when I finally got Hyper Sonic to fight him.

  28. anejlek says:

    It has to be Opa Opa from the Fantasy Zone. What’s not to like about him… her… it?

  29. Zeta says:

    “Ultimate Reporter” Evila, the robotic clone of Ulala in Space Channel 5. Because she is a true rival and the most feminine SEGA robot. And last but not least… she dances !

  30. ricerictwice says:

    So hard to choose, I guess that I will go with Robot Y or Neo X depending on if you are playing Streets of Rage 3 or Bare Knuckle III, great sense of accomplishment when you beat him. I also always loved to hate the sentry robots from Streets of Rage 2 Particle, Molecule, Isotope, Uranium, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Mercury, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Fluorine.

  31. funkyjeremi says:

    my favorite is metal sonic from the sonic the hedgehog serie. because he is really cool!

  32. radrappy says:

    The Black Hound.

  33. Deefy says:

    I am not entirely sure it’s a robot, but also without ever having played, I was always fascinated by Pulseman.

  34. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    My favorite sega robot would have to be E102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure. Something about his ending in the game really broke my heart and made me really like his character.

  35. lauta55 says:

    mi favorite robot is metal sonic too! great contest! wish i win

  36. Martin says:

    Its GOTTA be the Mags from phantasy star online. Those tiny little floating robot helpers that released a photon burst after time. Essential in any situation 🙂

  37. SOUP says:

    Definitely Evila from Space Channel 5 :).

  38. Centrale says:

    Definitely Roboy from JSRF!

  39. Kori-Maru says:

    Before there was Cain, There was Scooter from Alien Storm. A robot/scrap head that you can count on during a alien invasion.

  40. Vic Vos says:

    I would say…Temjin, from ‘Cyber Troopers Virtual On’.

  41. Greg says:

    Vectorman all the way!!

  42. vyse316 says:

    Definitely the death egg robot!

  43. Schyler says:

    Emerl from Sonic Battle! I loved customizing him.

  44. ScottishDuck says:

    Out of the robot monkeys, robot biker gang, robot ninjas and robot zombies, picking a favourite is pretty hard.

    But I’ll go with those little guys that drop the robots off from the air, so underrated 😛

  45. Randroid says:

    Do Virtuaroids count?


  46. CrazyTails says:

    The casts from phantasy star online. The most awesome robots you’ll ever find in a videogame.

  47. Dorzen says:

    Metal Sonic

  48. Stinkdeken says:

    My favorite SEGA robot is Dreamcast xD
    It’s some kind of awesomeness robot console! 😛

  49. bramenjam says:

    The hashime mashite Robot of course!
    It’s the first boss of Space Channel 5 part 2, which sings all of it’s attack phrases at you. This robot taught me that saying ‘nice to meet you’ is a devastating attack!

  50. Michael says:

    That’s a tough one. But I’d have to say E-102 Gamma from Sonic adventure. I loved his story in the game.

  51. Simon says:

    Vectorman for sure 🙂

  52. Not really a robot as such, but other than Metal Sonic always liked Pepperouchau III

  53. sad_eva says:

    E-102 Gamma hands down. :c he didn’t deserve what happened to him.

  54. Scott Y. says:

    Vec…tor…man …… makes ……. me …… hap…py

    Ro…bot ………. talk

  55. Shinobi_GR says:

    Ballhog from Sonic the Hedgehog.

  56. Red Joker says:

    Roboy from Jet Set Radio Future FTW!!!

  57. Grig Orig says:

    R.A.X. from Eternal Champions.
    His close range heavy kick was the most damaging move in the game.
    “Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap, flap…” 😀

  58. Cactus says:

    Viper II from Virtual ON!

  59. IrishNinja says:

    Lotta great answers here so far (Scooter…wow, that’s a good one!), but after some thought, I’m gonna go with Opa-Opa. He’s alive, sure, but he’s still a ship, so i think that counts!
    He’s the only sega mascot (of sorts) i can think of that predates Alex Kidd, he’s stood the test of time (he’ll show up again in PSO 2.0, watch!), and in the end – nearly 25 year old spoilers here, people! – he had to fight his own father, long before guys like Solid Snake did! He’s a brave a little guy, and easily the best choice.

  60. SonicFFVII says:

    i have to say metal sonic i know it is a normal pick but the fights with him in CD and generations make it even better

  61. SonicFFVII says:

    no wait Vivian from Phantasy Star Portable

  62. teirusu says:

    nice price

  63. Aki-at says:

    I’m not entering this to win, I’m entering this to have my opinion heard.

    Formerly, Metal Sonic was my favourite SEGA machine, after playing Binary Domain however, Cain has now become my top favourite. Style and strength all in one.

    “Bon soir, monsieur!”

  64. Druift says:

    When Michael Jackson changes into a robot after getting one of those falling star bonus items, you’ve got the best robot right there!
    Moonwalker for the win.

  65. Samurai-Don says:

    My favourite robot is Metal Sonic, Sonic true and only rival.

  66. celso says:

    Mecha Sonic in Sonic 2 !!!

  67. Roel says:

    Vectorman, that’s obvious!

  68. Rob Hestar says:

    Roboy from JSRF!!!!!..I love the jet set games and I’m so happy sega’s bringing jet grind radio to psn and xbla so people who haven’t played the game will get to play one of the best games ever!! :).

  69. Darkmushroom says:

    Crawlton from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Most underestimated robot in all Sega games. (Honourable mention goes to Orbot, who has already been chosen. )

  70. trilobyte says:

    Zero Beat from Jet Set Radio Future

  71. Tony says:

    Roboy from the sweet Jet Set Radio Future!!

  72. Shion90 says:

    My favorite SEGA robot is Temjin (Virtual On)

    Into the blue sky (8)

  73. Jason says:

    Metal Sonic all the way!

  74. Suleman Ali says:

    Metal Sonic… easy!

  75. Glen Luff says:

    Metal Sonic is awesome

  76. kaa0s says:

    Gotta be OPA-OPA!! The name in itself is just so hilariously fun. Whoever came up with that deserves a hug =)

  77. Nosher Khan says:

    I go with Vectorman. For his time, he was amazing, and his game was actually pretty fun! One of the best titles for the Genesis and a rare gem, in my opinion.

  78. drzeiss says:


  79. Cyrus says:


    No contest.

  80. Quiglin says:

    Vectorman – no need for any other.

  81. dannyZG says:

    Has to be the Moonwalker robot, from Michael Jackson: Moonwalker.

  82. Matthew Pollicito says:

    My favorite sega robot would have to be The Chao Robot, the one where there is a Chao driving a bigger Robot molded into a Chao, always thought it was funny! Here is a picture for those of you who do not know:

  83. luke jarrett says:

    Scratch/bolt brains! Robo-chickens that fire machine guns? Hell yeah!

  84. TrailerDrake says:

    Mecha Jackson from Moonwalker. Best invincible mode ever!

  85. Christian says:

    My favourite sega robot would have to be metal sonic. He is just amazing, like an awesome shiny sonic. We should see him more in games.

  86. chass32 says:

    Metal Sonic without a doubt!

  87. Papier Hier says:

    Scooter from Alien Storm is my favorite Sega Robot!

  88. Dori Prata says:

    I think it is the main character from Cyborg Justice, because he can use parts from others robots.

  89. MICHIO says:

    Metal Sonic

  90. Rick Addison says:

    Wait, is Pulseman a robot? Or even owned by SEGA? Because it would definitely be him.

    Otherwise, Mecha-Knuckles.

  91. will says:

    Do the space marines in Alien vs Predator Count? They were personality-less, and so much fun to take down.

  92. Omnislasher says:

    Garuda from Anarchy Reigns.

  93. Eduardo says:

    Death Egg Robot *__* he appears again in sonic generations

  94. Ashley King says:

    My favorite robot would have to be Metal Sonic 🙂

  95. Morton says:

    Metal Sonic, all the way, ‘cross the sky!

  96. Dan Knowles says:

    Fei-yen Kn from Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, made me think robots could be “cute” 🙂

  97. I’m pretty sure that is Metal Knuckles, he is damn cooler than metal Sonic.. 😀

  98. Hazu says:

    I always had a crush for Virtual On. So many coins spent in the arcade when i was young (old good times).

    Viper 2 was my choice.

  99. B. Ortiz says:

    HUcast from Phantasy Star Online. When are we getting PSO2 in the States?

  100. Paul Robinson says:

    Gotta be Metal Sonic for me 🙂

  101. Vectorman was the best from SEGA.

  102. Dan D says:

    Hapsby from Phantasy Star!

  103. Tru Smiles says:

    Ryo Hazuki, because based on the way he acts and talks, I’m pretty sure he is secretly a robot and wouldn’t be able to pass a Turing test.

  104. @Markatansky says:

    My favourite SEGA robot is Cain from Binary Domain. Not only do I believe him to be the best SEGA robot, I think he’s the best robot and the best French character in a video game ever. He maybe doesn’t count as actually being French when he’s a robot, but his adorable accent and lovable charm makes me not care.

  105. Sonic Adventure E102 Gama

    The first robot I cried for when he died. The emotions given from that small robot’s life being taken away… gets me teary eyed all the time :'(

  106. Noel Hiennadi says:

    I already finished Binary Domain, but i want the backpack :3 The Grand Lancer! When I fought it the second time I defied the orders to climb it and just repeatedly shot it’s head til it died 😀 Binary Domain is awesome!

  107. James Charles Truesdale says:

    My favorite SEGA robot is “Mecha Sonic” from Sonic & Knuckles. He was fought in Sky Sanctuary Zone and I hope he returns in future Sonic games!

  108. samuel stadler says:

    Defenitly metal Sonic

  109. Charlie says:

    I’m gonna have to go with any robot from the Phantasy Star series. I can’t pick just one!

  110. Rahil says:

    M3TAL S0N1C )))

  111. Larva says:

    My favorite SEGA robot is the Metal Sonic

  112. Tyler says:

    It has to be metal sonic who links in with my fave sega character 😛

  113. Jose Maldonado says:

    Shinobi Bots that spin in Binary Domain. They’re a pain to defeat. But theyre pretty cool

  114. Justin says:

    E-102 Gamma!

  115. ZAD-Man says:

    Oh man…I’ll have to go with Metal Sonic. Rockin’. 😀

  116. brandon says:

    death egg robot

  117. James says:

    Def Metal Sonic!!!

  118. Eric says:

    Metal Sonic has always been my favorite. 🙂 Though, Scratch and Grounder are a close second if they count!

  119. Eddie the Wolf says:

    Can’t go wrong with Metal Sonic!

  120. Nathan Shabazi says:

    It would be a toss up between iDog or Temjin from Virtua On.

  121. Roy says:

    E-123 Omega is mine 😀

  122. Derrick Castro says:

    METAL SONIC hands down!

  123. Matt Monroe says:

    Personally, my favorite SEGA robot would have to the Masher robot fish guy from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

  124. Daniel says:

    Cain from Binary Domain! He surprised the hell out of me with style and flair. Zut alors!!!

  125. Carmelo Perotto Zocoli says:

    Metal Sonic for sure.

  126. matthew kershaw says:

    Scooter from Alien Storm. need i say more?

  127. bud says:


  128. BRed says:

    Ema – No question. Just wish she knew how to make sandwiches.

  129. Jose Manuel says:

    Metal Sonic undoubtedly

  130. Alina says:

    Metal Sonic!! :3

  131. Luis Garza says:

    Metal Sonic (Specifically from Sonic Generations)

  132. Brendan says:

    The KNRB-0 Argus Robot from Vanquish! Vanquish was such an awesome game:)

  133. SuperSonicEX says:

    Before Cain…there was Roboy, VIVA JSRF!

  134. Bob says:


  135. Besian says:

    My favorite Sega robot is Metal Sonic ,it the best 🙂

  136. anthony cochrane says:

    Metal Eggman! (Sonic games).

  137. Garry says:

    Metal Sonic for sure!

  138. 50yen says:

    the cyborg cop, duke oda, from e-swat! old school!!

  139. G37Drummer says:

    Viper 2 from Virtua On!

  140. Josh says:

    Favorite robot character is gamma from sonic adventures

  141. Laellon says:

    Metal Sonic, he is just cool.

  142. Kenshinxxx says:

    My favourite is E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure.

  143. Elvin DP says:

    Pulseman all the way!!! Does that count? Whatever.

  144. Drakmarth says:

    Metal Sonic of Sonic & Knuckles is my favourite robot, he was such a bugger.

  145. Ben Tedder says:

    How do I choose between all of DR. ROBOTNIK’S creations?!?! How about Scratch, the chicken robot!

  146. E-102 Gamma 😀

    gotta love when robots turn on their creators!

  147. Joesff says:

    Mecha Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles!

  148. Daz says:

    Kazuma Kiryu if there’s ever going to be a MechaYakuza – What? You already made a Zombie Yakuza. ( Ryu Ga Gotoku Of The End/Dead Souls )

  149. Richard A says:

    My favorite is Dural from Virtua Fighter

  150. superche says:

    The Bonanza Bros.

  151. Amy Brown says:

    EMA — or Eternal Maiden Actualization

  152. Ricky Heyer says:

    Gonna have to go with E-102 Gamma. It wasn’t so much how awesome he was, but how surprisingly tragic and human his story wound up being from Sonic Adventure.

  153. Van says:

    Vectorman. One of the 1st Sega robots I know of.

  154. LEBRUN Hugo says:

    My favorite robot is Metal Knuckles :o)

  155. Kyle Coombes says:

    Vectorman cause he defeated warhead and saved the world
    oh and hes the main character of an awesome game

  156. Saul says:

    Catakiller from the original Sonic

  157. zunder47 says:

    Dural (Virtua Fighter 5)

  158. Edson Belmont de Lima says:

    Duke Oda (E-Swat) with its power armor fueled with 90’s awesomeness.

  159. Arthur V says:

    Metal sonic!

  160. Alex Boudreau says:

    When I was a kid, I always loved to beat Metal Sonic. Now thant I’m older, Metal Sonic have a special place on my heart!

  161. Ronald Zimmerman says:

    No one beats the one and only, OPA-OPA!

  162. Cloud Envy says:

    Michael Jackson from Moonwalker! Nothing beats out the giant robotic King of Pop who destroys everything in sight.

  163. AdeptusAce says:

    My favourite robot is Echo the Dolphin 🙂

  164. Ian Fraser says:

    After all these years I still have a soft spot for Wren from Phantasy Star IV

  165. KenotheLost says:

    The Snatchers from Snatcher!

    Either that or Vectorman!

  166. Bryan Worrell says:

    Metal Sonic hands down

  167. my favorite robot is Mecha Metal Sonic !! When metal sonic use the power of the Chaos Rings , to get into the best robot of ever MECHA METAL SONIC !!!

  168. Tom Nanni says:

    The EMA robot girlfriend sega invented lol

  169. James says:

    Kireek from PSO.

    “Ahh… Ga… Ubwaa!”


  170. Mid says:

    Assault-kun from japanese Binary Domain teasers!

  171. Dan says:

    Mecha Robotnik.Of all things he could make and improve on, he choose a giant mech that looks exactly like him.

  172. Mark says:

    I think I’m gonna have to say Metal Sonic as well.. or Motobug 😛

  173. Juan de Dios Corrales Leal says:

    E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure of course…

  174. Saturno says:

    I love all Sega robotic characters, but the best one for me is, without any doubt, Temjin from the Virtual on saga!

  175. Ujn Hunter says:

    Argus in humanoid form because you can punch his face off! Love it! What’s better than punching giant robots in the face? Nothing!

  176. Montel K says:

    Robot Y on streets of rage I waste almost 2 lives beating him and he just spins and kills lol

  177. Dean says:

    The Final Boss Death EGG Robot from Sonic 2. Epic hard boss when I was a youth. =}

  178. The hollow children 🙂

  179. Mando says:

    I’d have to say Hapsby from the original Phantasy Star.

  180. Steve says:

    The Argus robot in Vanquish.

  181. Alex Taylor says:

    EMA, of course! 🙂

  182. Chad says:

    Stella from PSO ep III

  183. Leah says:

    It’s got to be Metal Sonic!!

  184. Vorapoj Prathuangpatanakul says:

    My favorite robot is kiryu from yakuza

  185. jonfreaknhaney says:

    Roboy is my definite favorite. Also excited for the PSN/XBLA release 🙂

  186. Peggy says:

    Definitely has to be Metal Sonic for me! He’s pretty badass. >:D

  187. Steve S. says:

    Probably Dr. Zan from Streets of Rage. He just beats the shit out of everyone 😀

  188. Laflèche Gareau says:

    Michael Jackson Moonwalker Robot

    epic …

  189. Jason says:

    Tsar Runner in Binary Domain. Such an awesome fight/design

  190. Iggi says:

    Vectorman for sure !!!

  191. Link0 says:

    Roboy from JSRF is the best SEGA robot!

  192. Chuck LoPresti says:

    My favorite Sega robot would have to be Mecha Sonic. Especially when you fight him in Sonic 3 + Knuckles

  193. Vanessa says:

    Apharmd, from Virtual On. So badass.

  194. jyn.tran says:

    My favourite will always be e-102 Gamma. One of the most exciting and touching story modes in Sonic game history!

  195. Melissa says:

    It’s gotta be metal sonic…
    Sonic Generation FTW.

  196. Cannonball_Jones says:

    The robots from Robotnik’s mean bean machine!

  197. Grouken says:

    The CA-214 from TransBot.

    Thanks for this great contest.

  198. Andy says:

    Temjin, for sure.

  199. Ruben says:

    Temjin VR-747a8 The White Knight from Virtual-On MARZ. Too cool!

  200. Theda Stoppel says:

    Metal Sonic he is just hot stuff!!

  201. Diana h says:

    Metal sonic

  202. Vanessa H.S. says:

    Pretty hard question, I love nearly all Eggman’s creations! And Vectorman is great too! But I’ll go with Kiki, he’s a cute monkey robot and can be a real pain in the egg sometimes!

  203. Of course the classic SEGA CHAN!

    If Dan had to face some of those in Binary Domain, he would be screwed…

  204. jonathan says:


  205. Jer says:

    Apharmd B from Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram.

    Fighting robot with police batons for the win!

  206. Ryan S. says:

    This one might be a bit random, but I loved Vol Opt from Phantasy Star Online (the boss of the Mines). He such an interesting boss, first appearing behind a screen and observing you while letting out several traps on you, only for the room to explode and reveal some messed up fleshy area with some giant hovering mecha with a ton of tendrils. It not only was one of the best PSO bosses in my opinion, but also had a catchy as hell music track.

  207. tommy dean gilheaney says:

    robot michael jackson from moonwalker

  208. Le3F says:

    my favorite sega robot is probably the grand lancer in binary domain. they look so cool in the demo!

  209. William M says:

    Metal Sonic all the way.

  210. MS says:

    Mecha Sonic (NOT Metal Sonic) from Sonic & Knuckles.

    More so when he grab the Master Emerald and Becomes Super Mecha Sonic.

  211. Duke LaVia says:

    Metal Sonic, obviously. The original Sega robot badass since 1993!

  212. neil mcclure says:

    Go sonic ! metal sonic is my favourite sega robot!

    would love to find out more about binary domain.

    skynet is watching 🙂

  213. Eric Duderstadt says:

    Metal Sonic of course

  214. Stefan says:

    I know everyone has been saying this, but Metal Sonic FTW!!! No matter how many times this guy gets defeated, he always manages to rise to destroy Sonic.

  215. Gamma says:

    My favorite SEGA Robot, is Elenor.

    …and Kireek, to some extent. Love’em.

  216. QOF says:

    Wappy Dog.

  217. Darvan says:

    Jet Set Radio Roboy not as famous as metal sonic but he’s my favorite

  218. Steve says:

    Robo X from Streets of Rage 3. He’s like a terminator… on rocket skates.

  219. Allen says:

    Dr. Zan from Streets of Rage 3. I like the ships from Planet Harriers too. Can we please get a port of this game? lol

  220. Andy C says:

    The robot from Transbot / Astro Flash.
    Six different hardcore entities in one robot! Beat that Transformers!

  221. TB says:

    The cast of the House of the Dead 2. I mean, uhh, Motobug the Badnik.

  222. javier saldana says:

    metal sonic hands down.

  223. RexFez says:

    My favorite Sega robot? Scooter from Alien Storm. You could always count on him to save the people and look awesome doing it.

  224. Chase G says:

    That’s a hard one! Favorite SEGA robot…

    The first robot that comes to mind is Orbot, so I’ll go with him!

  225. jorge Fernandez says:

    My Favorite robot is the Terminator boss in the Revenge of shinobi, what an awesome killing machine that is, thank the gods for ninja magic lets do this Joe Mushashi.

  226. Mav says:

    The bigger metallic Sonic robot you have to defeat just before the final bossfight with Doctor Robotnik’s robot in Sonic 2, it had rocket boots and transformed into a circle saw. This was even before the blue Metal Sonic, I think that one appeared later in Sonic CD.

  227. Justin Biller says:

    Come on, it has to be Metal Sonic! Sega’s iconic mascot made into a robot, how does that not top your list?

  228. Hogfather says:

    Sega Chan is my favourite Sega Robot!

    Who is Sega Chan? Sega Chan is a real life robot that Sega made who would be your own personal butler. Sega Chan not only recognises your voice, but he can bring you drinks and even play your favourite music as he’s bringing you whatever you like.

    Sega Chan is my favourite robot, because he is a real robot that Sega created! If you don’t believe me, go look up “Sega Chan” and be amazed!

  229. Michael says:

    Metal Knuckles!!

  230. Betablocker says:

    Kurohagane (黒鋼?) Nightshade!

    A robotic ninja created by the Nakatomi group ordered to work with Jimushi and retrieve pieces of Akujiki.

  231. Melissa Espitia says:

    E-123 Omega!!!! Cuz he’s badass, independent, and has his own story in Sonic Adventure. He’s the coolest robot ever. ^-^

  232. Ruben says:

    Vectorman was my childhood favorite. I have replayed the vectorman games so many times

  233. chibisake says:

    My favourite SEGA robot is Tails Doll, if it can be considered a robot.

  234. Mudd says:

    I’m guessing I can’t just go totally hog wild here and pick my HUcaseal (casts for life, represent :I) from Phantasy Star Online sooo…

    …My favorite is Vectorman, natch!

  235. segaismysavior says:

    Roboy, cause he stands there dancing while calling you a newb.

  236. Alamin says:

    Metal sonic. Sonic CD

  237. Juan urena says:

    Metal sonic brings me back to my early gamer stage! Some of my best memories!!:)

  238. Chaosmage27 says:

    would Mazinkaiser from the Sega Saturn count? If not I would have to say Vectorman from Sega Genisis. ^^y

  239. glassprison89 says:

    For me it is definitely the last boss of Vanquish, the red and blue twin bogeys. Such an epic fight!

  240. Ross Brookes says:

    Gotta be Evila from Space Channel 5

  241. Gabriel lujan says:

    I just have this weird obsession with Hapsby from phantasy star. I named 3 fish after it haha

  242. billias_rat says:

    Is there any other robot besides metal sonic???? Kick ass design for a robot dude 😀

  243. Leonardo Cardoso says:

    Unfortunately I will have to fall into the overused character in the reply around me… xD
    Metal Sonic!

  244. Flatlandaniel says:

    E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure.

  245. Voltmetre says:

    E102 Gamma ’cause he got a rocket launcher :3

  246. ChaosEggman says:

    E-123 Omega from Sonic Heroes.

  247. Krieggg says:

    Vector man. Original green balled gangster.

  248. Doug says:

    E-102 Gamma easily! Awesome gameplay of Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast! So many memories!

  249. Dharaniraja says:

    I think my favourite robot/cyborg from Sega is Dural from the Virtua Fighter series. The reason for my love for VF is because I grew up with VF ever since the first game in the arcades. I think Dural is really cool because of her story in the game being Kagemaru’s mother and getting transformed to a cyborg, only to get rescued by his son. With all kinds of martial arts move, she is easily the most difficult boss to fight against, not that the other characters in the game were easy to beat. Her appearance reminds me of T-1000 from Terminator 2, and might have influenced the character T-X from Terminator 3 (being both female and cyborg).

    • Dharaniraja says:

      And also UFO catchers, if people have been to Japan or any East Asian countries, they would find this goodie that is a claw machine for plush toys and cool collectables for different anime, manga, and video game stuff. While playing the game, Sonic the Hedgehog music with either Marble Zone, Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone, or the Invincible theme will play depending on what/how you do!

  250. Arben says:

    E-102 GAMMA :’)

  251. Randall Koerte says:

    Metal Sonic.

  252. Tom Cosi. says:

    Metal sonic, because I just love the Sonic franchise!

  253. HeavyCura says:

    Vectorman is my favorite SEGA robot. He should have been the main character of Disney’s WALL-E, because they both were programmed to clean up the earth. Can you imagine how much more intense that movie would have been if Vectorman had taken that tiny robot’s place? Think about it! 🙂

  254. am2model3 says:

    Kurohagane, from Nightshade, (aka Shinobi2 on the PS2) A robotic ninja who you must defeat. Shinobi and Nightshade are awesome fun ninja games, I love them both!!

  255. Angel Quiroz says:

    The best and classic of ever Robot Y or Neo X from Street of Rage !!! i love it 😀

  256. Mesfin says:

    At the risk of being to unoriginal, classic metal sonic.

  257. Victor Acevedo says:

    It has been said about a 100 times, but my favorite has to be Metal Sonic!!! 🙂

  258. Stephen Maguire says:

    Metal Sonic obviously =]

  259. Yessy says:

    My favorite SEGA ROBOT is The MBV-707-J Temjin from Virtual On

  260. drpark says:

    I dont know if it technically counts but the robot suit you get in ESWAT. Two classic games!

  261. Miguel angel says:

    OVIUSLY the Hollow Children from “BiNARY DOMIAN” , i played the demo every day and i get the conclusion that the Hollow Children are THE MOST AMAZING SEGA ROBOTS !!!

  262. Spanders P says:

    Because Binary Domain is so awesome, I’m going with Cain.

  263. Orginarymagoo says:

    I’m gonna have to say Vectorman. Absolutely brilliant game, great robot main character fighting other robots. whats not to love?

  264. Although it’s been said a few times now, I’m gong to have to go with MJ.

    Mowing down hordes of the undead to ‘Another Part of Me’ with laser beams and rockets never, EVER gets boring.

  265. Robert Gonzales says:

    E102 Gamma from Sonic Adventures no doubt.

    This robot went through so much, being trained to kill, taking out his own brothers just to end up being friends with Amy.

    He lost so much and gained very little.

  266. Greg says:

    Mecha Sonic of course

  267. Rui Garcia says:

    Metal Sonic has and will forever be my favorite Sega robot, the fond memories i have of me and my younger brother playing Sonic 3 on the Sega genesis just trying to beat that guy

  268. Thalles says:

    I’d have to say E-102 Gamma. When Sonic Adventure for the first time, his story really got to me…

  269. Craig Taylor says:

    Metal Sonic is looking pretty awsome in Sonic 4 episode 2! This is the first time that Sonic and Tails combined their powers,to defeat evil!

  270. Craig Taylor says:


    On Twitter

  271. Philip Murphy says:

    Gotta be Metal Sonic 😛

  272. josh melo says:

    Obviously E-102 gamma!

  273. Al McCloskey says:

    That big robot gorilla from Strider.

  274. thesonicfan209 says:

    omega is my favorite robot from sega

  275. Raymond says:

    metal sonic, of course! 😀

  276. Danifol says:

    Toshihiro Nagoshi… oh wait!? That guy is human? No way…!!!

  277. My favorite robot was those shinobi ninja robots from Binary Domain.

  278. ErikGamer says:

    My favorite SEGA robot is E-102 Gamma =D

  279. Emily says:

    Amy Rose (Rosy the Rascal)! I dressed as her for Halloween too!

  280. Yessenia says:

    OVIUSLY Vectorman is my favorite SEGA robot. the most CLASSIC SEGA ROBOT !!

  281. Daniella T says:

    E-102 gamma 🙂

  282. Frian says:

    E-102 gamma FTW

  283. Jose Ventura says:

    My favorite robot is Vectorman it¡s awesome but also i like all the robots of Virtual On

  284. Clint says:

    My favorite robot or robots I should say are the dancing robots in Vanquish.

  285. Dean says:

    Jet Set Radios Roboy!

  286. Tommy Norris says:

    I would have to say mine is Vectroman.

  287. Goldanas says:

    My favorite SEGA robot? That’s obvious:

    Goldman from HotD2

    Never has a robot been portrayed so accurately.


  288. matty says:

    Caterkiller from Sonic 1!

    “I’m still cool, r-right? …Guys?”

  289. Harvey says:


  290. temukijin says:

    My favorite is the Great Eggman Robo/Kyodai Eggman Mech from Sonic & Knuckles. That feeling it gives “Oh crap, I have to fight this, without rings?” was great especially when I managed to beat it as a kid.

  291. Jana says:

    That robot MJ turns into in Moonwalker, or Mecha-Jackson, as I call him.

  292. Tai says:

    Metal Sonic! Coolest robot ever!

  293. Annelies says:


  294. Ali M. N says:

    Mine is “Cain” from “Binary Domain”,

    -Hope I win 😀 , Ali M. N

  295. Anwar Sabreen says:

    CLOCKWORK KNIGHT. oh yes, back from the junk heap. that game was ballin’. they don’t make ’em like that anymore lol

  296. Jenna says:

    Buzz Bomber Badnik! X)

  297. Paul Seabrook says:

    Metal Sonic… can’t beat the excitement of first defeating him as a kid, he was tough!

  298. Robert Daly says:

    I know a lot of people have already said it, but I’d have to go E-102 Gamma

  299. Cain from Binary Domain is my favorite Sega robot, mon ami!

  300. Erotokritos says:

    I guess Binary Domain will have many robots to choose but i don’t know because i haven’t bought it yet 😉 so my favorite SEGA robot is Metal Sonic!

  301. Simon says:

    It’s got to be the Sega Yume Neko Smile!

  302. Crackdude says:

    My fav robots are those sneaky underground ones in Labirinth Zone, Sonic 1 🙂

  303. Jomps says:

    The Robot boss in the mountain level of Shinobi X

  304. Rez says:

    Break (Robot Axel) from Streets of Rage 3.

  305. JoseBiN says:


    The first machine to stand against me.
    18 years later I no longer fear machines in Videogames.


  306. Matt says:

    My favorite sega robot is Rax Coswell from Eternal champions

  307. Chris says:

    Let’s go with the Noise Tanks from Jet Set Radio! Because honestly graffiti robots on roller blades deserve SOME credit.

  308. Laura says:

    Since im a 5 years old girl , i played VECTORMAN , and on my 20 years i had my first baby , and i teach him how to play VECTORMAN , thats the reason why now on my 34 years old VECTORMAN had been my favorite SEGA ROBOT !! VECTORMAN FOREVER !!

  309. Tricia says:

    Metal Sonic. nuff said. 🙂

  310. Chris Holmes says:

    It has to be Metal Sonic. How could it be any other?

  311. Nick says:

    Metal Sonic.

  312. Nabil says:


  313. Joestar says:

    PSO’s HUcast

  314. Ricardo says:

    My fav. robot is Metal Sonic!

  315. Deekman says:

    Easily my favourite is the Opa Opa. Sentient space ship with cute little legs and wings.

    One of Sega’s best and iconic character designs.

  316. Emma R says:

    Gotta be Metal Sonic

  317. Vittorio says:

    Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone!

  318. Chris says:

    Cyborg Justice! Had such cool weapons for hands.

  319. Ricardo says:

    Metal Sonic, of course!

  320. phil murden says:

    Metal Sonic!

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