Contest: Yakuza 0 Digital Copy Giveaway


We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed with SEGA to give away some digital copies of their latest game in the Yakuza franchise, Yakuza 0! For those not in the know, Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure game with beat ’em up gameplay, RPG elements and a slew of mini-games. The game takes place in 1988, before all the other canon Yakuza games, and puts you in control of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. We loved the game, and we’re sure you will to, which is why we’re so happy to be giving away copies to three lucky winners!

We have three contests running at once, and one copy will be given away in each, meaning that you can enter in all three to triple your chances of winning. Should a winner be selected more than once, we will select another winner in one of the contests so that nobody gets more than one copy of the game.

Here’s how to enter: In the comments section of this post, tell us your favorite Yakuza franchise moment or memory. When leaving your comment, please use a valid email address in the email field so we can contact you. Email addresses are not public. Follow @SEGAbits and Retweet the contest tweet. Like our Facebook page and in the comments section of the contest post, tell us your favorite Yakuza franchise moment or memory.

The contest is open to the Americas only and the contest ends February 7th at 9pm EST. Best of luck to all who enter!

The contest has ended! Thank you to all who entered, and congrats to our winner Jon p! Stay tuned to for future contests!


148 responses to “Contest: Yakuza 0 Digital Copy Giveaway

  1. Lee Haslam says:

    The restaurant shootout in Yakuza 4! So badass!!

  2. Martin says:

    when el bato le soltó un putazo en el ocico alv :v

  3. Justin todd says:

    Yakuza 1, as only 4 characters are left standing through all the death & despair, the credits roll & amazing grace plays.

    US release, of course


    The underwear thief from Yakuza 4

  5. Manoel D'Andréa says:

    In Yakuza 0 when Kiryu learns Rush Style, the guy in the hat tells him that the master is a “Fisting Artist” but Kiryu misunterstood the meaning of the expression by saying “Oh, that’s not really my scene…”.

  6. Boomcannon says:

    My favorite Yakuza moment would have to be the whole scene with Nakahara in the bull pit, with Saki finally speaking up to save him and the moment after that. He saved the boss, he died for the boss

  7. Kusariku says:

    My best Yakuza memory was landing a Double Mangan while playing Mahjong in Yakuza 4

  8. Angel Diaz says:

    Kiriyu vs. the Tigers. Nuff said.

  9. Ben Z says:

    The final battle in Yakuza 2, a great ending to maybe the best game in the series? I remember playing Yakuza 1 and thinking it was not for me, but I stumbled on a review of Yakuza 2 and just knew I had to give the series another chance. Yakuza 2 is still my favorite in the series and IMO it should get a HD remake for new players to enjoy.

  10. Adam Wells says:

    I loved in Yakuza 5 the Sega Club. I loved that in this world of crime and murder that the world felt real and that you could take a break and throw down on some Virtua Fighter 2, and your character could get away from the heaviness that is his role in gang, similar to how you the player are using Yakuza 5 as a way to escape the real world.

  11. Christian says:

    My favorite yakuza moment was in yakuza 5 when kiryu took on the entire tojo clan on the pier. Man I felt awesome as he’ll fighting all those guys

  12. Magma says:

    My favorite memory was finding out you could play Virtua Fighter, I spent hours upon hours playing that.

  13. Le Shad says:

    Oh man, the Majima fights in Yakuza are definitely amazing moments. Majima is such a badass! And I love how much he loves Kiryu. His fighting style is so rad as well! I really wanna play as Majima in Yakuza 0!

  14. Milton says:


  15. tony says:

    In yakuza 2 i love the cute bonding moment between Kazuma Kiryu and Kaoru Sayama.

  16. Elyse Smith says:

    When Kiryu cuts his onions in Yakuza 3 with such focus XD

  17. Avi says:

    Yayoi being a total badass swinging around that sword talking about the war between the east and west in yakuza 2

  18. Marcelo Ellmann says:

    The comedy show substory w/ Haruka in Yakuza 5!

  19. Justin Loomis says:

    Fighting a ton of Goro’s men in the Millennium Tower Plaza in Yakuza 5.

  20. Richard Nunes says:

    Club Sega. In every installment I’ve played so far.

  21. Balam says:

    Best moment will be if I win this copy =)

  22. Celai sinclair says:

    In yakuza 3 at when your trying to get in the love hotel and Kazuma is like….huh? Lmfao I love all these games so much!

  23. Andrés Rogel says:

    The moment you see the 4 protagonists of yakuza 4 all suited up and ready to kick all kinds of ass

  24. Val Jensen says:

    The first time in Yakuza 5 I saw Taiga Saijima use his heat move while an enemy is on the ground, the ferocity with which he hits them in the face was amusing and very memorable for me.

  25. Martin E Mills III says:

    I cant say i have a favorite moment because i havent played any of the yakuza games consistently but i would love to start making yakuza memories with yakuza 0z

  26. Ed says:

    Every revelation in yakuza 5

  27. Marcos says:

    Every visit to restaurants, bars, convenience stores and caffés, and other real life places. The inner view of gyu-don restaurants and Don Quijote, specially, brings back good memories of Japan.

  28. Nano says:

    Definitely the ending of Yakuza 5. Playing as Akiyama and just mowing down all those enemies was so satisfying.

  29. Francesco Damiani says:

    When Saejima kicks open the the ramen restauarant door and then guns down all 25 Ueno goons in Yakuza 4, that moment was BADASS!

  30. Erwyn Duckett says:

    The restaurant shootout in Yakuza 4 omg i love that

  31. J says:

    Fighting Nishiki up high in the Millennium Tower at the end of Yakuza 1 was a big moment for me.

  32. Ian McCord says:

    The final fight of Yakuza 1. The moment that nishiki and kiriyu realize they have to fight and they throw off their suits is just so bad ass

  33. Mario Julian Gonzalez says:

    When Kanda takes a beating, soooo Satisfying!

  34. Jason Bolla says:

    It has to be the shootout in Yakuza 4. Doesn’t get much more awesome than that. The drama, the emotion, it’s wonderful.

  35. Rajan says:

    Restaurant shootout in yakuza 4 was 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Guile Genao says:

    My favorite parts are from Yakuza 5.
    When Saejima fights the bear after just escaping the prison. And when Akiyama and Kiryu team up to fight the onslaught of Kurosawa goons towards the end…What an amazing journey that game was. Sadly it was my 1st and only experience with this series because poverty has always prevented me from owning the systems this awesome game was on. I did see a playthru of part 4 though and loved that game as well… I wish you guys would port it over to other platforms like the Xbox and PC so the game can get a bigger audience amd more attention that it rightly deserves.

  37. Abdo says:

    The ending of Yakuza 4. Four rooftop boss fights in a row, amazing.

  38. CeeJay Centeno says:

    Hands down has to be the be My Baby sub story from Yakuza 2. That one alone is weird and is pretty funny when you fight guys wearing a diapers.

  39. Martin says:

    Finally beating the baseball challenge in Yakuza 3 after hours of trying.

  40. TIMOTHY STEVER says:

    Baseball challenge Yakuza 3.

  41. Keith says:

    I wish I had a favorite Yakuza moment, but I’ve never played the series. Always have wanted to, and was hoping this one would be my first to jump in to! So, no favorite moment… yet! 😉

  42. Todd says:

    The minigames from Yakuza 3! I loved playing The Crane game and Boxcelios!

  43. Adamska Shillinglaw says:

    The sudden Cabella’s Big Game Hunter twist Saejima got in Yakuza 5; it was so unexpected I had to take a break from playing because I was laughing too hard. Really fun, but it shocked me.

  44. Zachary Dumas says:

    Playing through the ending of Yakuza 2 for the first time.

  45. Alice G says:

    The bit near the end of Yakuza 2 when Kiryu and Sayama make out in front of a ticking time bomb on top of the Millennium Tower. In a series full of over-the-top moments, that one really stands out for me. Hey Sega, can we have more Sayama, please? She’s awesome. 😀

  46. Billy Causey says:

    The tower explosion in the first game.

  47. Sharrieff Hamilton says:

    My favorite yakuza moment was playing through the first one. It opened my eyes to a new genre of game and to a culture I never experienced before.

  48. Ace Nelson says:

    My favorite moment? Pretty much every single Heat Action in the games. They make you feel so incredibly badass! Especially Akiyama and the rolled up magazine in Yakuza 4!

  49. Christian Garcia says:

    Everything, everything in the Yakuza series is by far my favorite thing about it. Love it all too much to choose one.

  50. Jack says:

    Beginning of yakuza 4 in the orphanage in Okinawa !! Best setting !!

  51. Pao says:

    My favorite moment got to be *SPOILER ALERT* the death of Rikiya in Yakuza 3, he was an extremely loveable character, one that I didn’t not expect to die… Kazuma crying made the scene even more heart wrenching ;_;

  52. Marcos says:

    That one time we put our heads together and defeated the cyber terrorists threatening the taxi cab company in Yakuza 5.

  53. Cláudio says:

    Yakuza 2. Kiryu vs a tiger!!!

  54. Arnaldo Romero says:

    One of my favorite parts in the series is when you first start yakuza 3 and the first thing you see is the sunflower orphanage and Haruka sitting on the beach so happy with a smile and then Kiryu come’s and smiles back at her.

  55. Kira andrews says:

    In yakuza 0 when majima finds out his hit is a woman and is not sure if he should kill her or not.

  56. Dave says:

    My favourite moment is oddly from the spinoff game Yakuza Dead Souls, or Yakuza of the End as it’s also known. I know this isn’t everyone’s favourite title but for me this moment was quite amazing and made me roar with laughter.

    When you start Majima’s campaign, he’s in his room watching zombie movies… then he looks up and the zombie hoard has entered his office, he looks back at the TV, then at the advancing zombie.

    And for a moment he has this confused look as if he’s been sucked into the TV and is now in the movie.

  57. Chris says:

    Haven’t played any of them, but heard great things. So I really would like the chance to get to play it ^^

  58. mimeh says:

    My favourite moment by far is when Majima convinces Daigo Dojima to dress as a woman, make-up included, so they can go on a fake date to lure some zombies. I was laughing for a week.

    Lots of great moments in these games, memorable characters and impressive stories… but what makes them really different is how well the over-the-top funny scenes are skilfully mixed with the serious story.

  59. Robert Chang says:

    The ending to Dead Souls. At first, I thought this game was just a spin off that had nothing to do with the story line. However, Sega was able to link the game back to Yakuza 1!!!! I was mind blowed!

  60. Chris says:

    Kiryu returning to Kamarucho late game in Yakuza 4.

  61. Carson says:

    Yakuza 5: I got to live my dream of being a pretty Japanese idol…I danced like no one was watching but everyone was watching!

  62. André Santos says:

    Rikiya’s death at Yakuza 3 was my best moment playing Yakuza. There wont appear another aniki so dedicated in the serie..

  63. Dakota says:

    Not only is the gameplay some of the freshest beat em up style I’ve ever experienced, it’s campy style of humor and gritty/comedic style get me pumped to punch some baddies into the concrete! My favorite moment would have to be the ending of Yakuza 5, leading to one of my absolute favorite boss fights of all time!!

  64. the velociraptor says:

    hard to narrow it down to just one, but one that’s definitely up there would have to be the night of bonding between park and haruka in yakuza 5. that one scene was enough to make me actually care when park was killed, which plenty of stories fail to accomplish in ten times that time.

  65. Erick Lebron says:

    The overall combat!

  66. James Rivera says:

    Singing Get to the Top with Majima in Yakuza: Dead Souls.

  67. Ariane says:

    Never played Yakuza but I’ve seen so many cool videos on Yakuza 0, I plan to buy it (or win it 😇).

  68. ELLy says:

    I dont own the game, but the lets play i saw of Yakuza 0. Was the dancing in Yakuza zero where you can play with 2 players the dancing mini game.

  69. Jennifer l Stratton says:

    My fav memory is actually in Yakuza 0 when he dresses up as a producer and whoops some ass while wearing a light fashionable cardigan. XD

  70. Trufflez says:

    The 1st time I walked into a hostess bar. 😍

  71. kennedy says:

    Kiryu vs the Tiger from Yakuza 2! the fact that he could do that shows how far he will go to protect something dear to him.

  72. Chad Killion says:

    When I first cooked in Yakuza 5. First time I ever cooked something in a video game and actually had fun doing it.

  73. Sam says:

    When Majima put on a concert show in Dead souls

  74. Blaine says:

    Fav moment was Hannah coming back at the end of 4, and looking good too!

  75. MegaMagicalMegan says:

    I’ve watched Ben Moore of Easy Allies play Yakuza (PS2) on YouTube and it was a really good time. Some memorable moments were [trying to enter a secret casino] and [getting conned out of all of your yen at a bar] ohh!!! And [gambling with Haruka]! That was amazing lol. In this game I’ve seen a review aaaand I think it would be fun to manage a hostess bar!

  76. farouk says:

    to be honest I have never played yakuza before but I heard great things about the series. I hope I win this giveaway so that I can finally try this awesome game. 😉

  77. Banner Wood says:

    Spending time in the SEGA arcades is always fun. Woot woot!

  78. Jon p says:

    Encountering Curry-man “EXTRA SPICY!!”

  79. Khalid says:

    “Were you someone’s prison bitch?” Final boss in first Yakuza game. That line made me laugh during the fight.

  80. Josh says:

    The whole series. Every part of it.

  81. Eko Prasetyo says:

    Yakuza 2 boss fight, still one of the best boss fight in this genre.

  82. Aoto says:

    my fave moment were at Yakuza 4 when i met Kiryu for the first time as Saejima . that time i thought “man Kiryu still looks badass even after years has passed”

  83. Peter Chhay says:

    Kiryu’s taxi racing side story from Yakuza 5!!

  84. My favorite moment was unlocking Kazuma’s finishing move with the cigarette. I spent so much time unlocking all his finishing moves and I have to say that was my favorite one! I kept always kept getting punched while trying to get a cigarette out, but once I had it equipped… It was well worth it!

  85. Sam says:

    I never play yakuza, so i dont know any moment of yakuza, but i have seen yakuza 0 from youtube, i think it’s cool, you can play minigame inside the game 😆👍.. can you give me a copy of yakuza 0 😁 Thx anyway

  86. KnucklesChaotix says:

    When Rikiya died in Yakuza 3…. Sad moment, but probably the memorable

  87. Kevin says:

    Having fist fights with bears in Yakuza 5. Always epic. Never thought i would get to do it and Yakuza delivered.

  88. kewer says:

    The end of Yakuza 5. The whole finale is pretty strong with a ridiculous amount of backstabs and revelations and while the finale reveal is not quite as good, the final boss is a joy gameplay-wise.

  89. Ferly says:

    The girls in yakuza 0 are beautifull

  90. Gary says:

    My favourite moment is oddly from the spinoff game Yakuza Dead Souls, or Yakuza of the End as it’s also known. I know this isn’t everyone’s favourite title but for me this moment was quite amazing and made me roar with laughter.

    When you start Majima’s campaign, he’s in his room watching zombie movies… then he looks up and the zombie hoard has entered his office, he looks back at the TV, then at the advancing zombie.

    And for a moment he has this confused look as if he’s been sucked into the TV and is now in the movie.

  91. Juan Meza says:

    My favorite yakuza moment is kind of the same in each game. Between missions wandering the city, the arcade and random side quests that make the city feel alive. There is nothing in the world like a well crafted japanese game!

  92. Jonathan Andia says:

    One of my favorite Yakuza moments is when you have to act like an actor in Yakuza 3 in the silver screen dragon substory because it referenced Kenzan which never came here and because of that substory i imported it and really liked it.

  93. Erick Martin says:

    Open up all girls in the club, when I come to the old guy dancing. It’s so hilarious!

  94. Butt says:


  95. Ko Patchi says:

    As much as I want to say the UFO catchers, it has to be the subquest with the cats in Yakuza 4. It felt good clearing out the whole underground mall just for two cats.

  96. Michael Hershberger says:

    I enjoyed interacting with the environment. I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan, and this series has been the next best thing. The city feels alive, full of beauty and great attention to detail.

  97. Shaun F says:

    All previous versions… Just that I’m too broke to get this copy and continue the story line.

  98. Wilson says:

    The first yakuza 2 on ps2. The feeling of satisfaction witnessing the protagonist coming home(orphanige) to where he was raised.

  99. WING_RRING says:

    Yakuza 0

    I’ll name you “NUGGET”

  100. Vinny says:

    When Kazuma Kiryu went golfing with Pacman in hotshots golf.

  101. Miguel Soto says:

    The end of Yakuza 4 where everyone fights everyone! I was like “‘eff’ yeah boi!” It was glorious.

  102. Chad Mohammed says:

    Yakuza Dead Souls Karaoke – Majima – GET to the Top!

  103. Grant says:

    Fishing in Yakuza 3 and catching a big fish for the first time.

  104. Ryan says:

    Yakuza 4, when Kiryu spies a panty thief get pummeled by the girl he stole them from and learns a new move from it. Pretty great

  105. Ste says:

    The ending of Yakuza 2

  106. Olivia says:

    my favorite would have to be fighting Majima on top of Millennium Tower in 5 ☺

  107. matt says:

    I’ve never played a Yakuza game, this is the first I’m interested in as I love the 80s. I also play a lot of video game Hanafuda so I’m excited to try the version in the game as I understand the Yakuza series have it in.

  108. I don’t have one because i never played one lol

  109. Brendan says:

    One of my favorite fights in the Yakuza series is the Shinada versus Daigo fight. I mean the fight itself already starts out hype when both of them punch their faces as hard as they can at the same time. That part alone looks so cool.

  110. burrito says:

    When Kiryu learns the Essence of Door Slamming in 5 by watching a perverted old guy get his neck cracked by the taxi driver. The engine sounds they put when he was grabbing the defenseless lady xD.

  111. Luke Astin says:

    I love the one time where you heat move a giant bear a nearby village had problems with in the face. This series never ceases to amaze me.

  112. Nisaka Bauman says:

    a cab driver besting an entire racing gang.

  113. VegaScratchSilver says:

    The final siege on the tower in Yakuza 3. It’s a climax from beginning to end, ramping up to a brilliant final battle. With Yakuza 3 as my first Yakuza, this was what showed me exactly how powerful these games could be.

  114. Luis Rojas Gonzalez says:

    The final battles in Yakuza 4! They were the best moments for me to witness! I’m sure #5 may top it, though…

  115. Ryan Payton says:

    Definitely Saejima and the restaurant shootout… one of the coolest moments in the game.

  116. Bonhart says:

    Yakuza 4’s panty thief revelation (I nearly died from laughter at the cowboy bebop moment)

  117. Omar Alvarez says:

    One of my favorite moments that I remember was when Kiryu decides to beat the crap out of the Tojo Clan by himself like a total BOSS! Just looking at everybody’s faces like, “this guy is a monster”. I love that!!

  118. Chan S. says:

    Fishing in Yakuza 3. Always love all of the mini games as well 🙂

  119. Ben Lee says:

    Favorite moments in Yakuza series was in Yakuza 4. I was watching a twitch streamer play this and they went ham on customizing the looks on how you can make your hostesses look.

  120. Samantha K says:

    My favourite memory will always be the friendship that was Kiryuu and Nishiki back in the day…

  121. Pirrip says:

    Yakuza 3 the orphanage house area and arcade

  122. AMGermany says:

    Everytime you started one of the games and see the Kamurocho-gate. Cause it’s everytime a coming-home moment that feels good.

  123. Ryan says:

    The ending of Yakuza 4 was definitely amazing. Definitely satisfying!

  124. Kyle Rodriguez says:

    My favorite moment in Yakuza 4 (which is my favorite) is when I realized that I couldn’t steal cars.


  125. iANiMeX says:

    My favorite Yakuza’s moment was from the Yakuza 4. The falling underwear thief moment in slow-motion was priceless.

  126. Chandra Setiawan K says:

    My favorite moments is when Kazuma fall in love with chicken that’s supposed to be his dinner and decided to take it home instead…

  127. Cody M says:

    Can the whole series be my favorite moment?
    I’ve been replaying 4, the Restaurant shootout scene near the beginning always gets me so pumped for the rest of the game.

  128. Iris says:

    I’m in the beggining of Yakuza 5 and I’m impressed with the taxi scene. Looks like a scene from a movie.

    Thank you very much for the chance.

  129. Andel Murala says:

    Running away from Michiru in Yakuza 3. Pretty hilarious. Only played Yakuza 3,4 and 5. Missed out on 1+2, Dead Souls and this one.

  130. charliesabers says:

    Left field Idol-sim with Haruka.

  131. Barbaros Konuk says:

    My favorite moment is from Yakuza 4, the underwear thief and his slow-motion fall after the bra grappling hook snaps is priceless.

  132. Chronorayven says:

    Playing arcades and the other mini-games and spending more time on them than finishing the story

  133. Jpd01 says:

    Favourite memory of Yakuza 4 is the claw machine. My wife loves those arcade claws and is devilishly good at them.
    “Why you playing that game again, is that a SEGA arcade?, go in there, is that a claw machine? Gimme the controller!!!”

  134. Kristina W. says:

    My favorite Yakuza moment is when Haruka is on stage, admitting to everyone about her family, and running to Kazuma afterwards. It was so touching to have Haruka admit to the world about her true family, and their ties to some unsavory places. I feel like Haruka finally accepted her circumstances instead of being afraid of being bullied later on down the road in her idol career, and I felt she grew a lot as a young woman.

  135. Berto says:

    138 comments !!! Wow.

  136. Vince Williams says:

    My favorite moment in yakuza is facing the tojo clan in 5

  137. Punching a tiger in the face in Yakuza 2.

  138. Shawn says:

    Majima and the bombs from Yakuza 2.

  139. Shirokasi says:

    Goro Majima Karaoke from Yakuza Dead Souls

  140. Supaidaman says:

    Hard to say which moment is my favorite of all them. But from recent memory, I really liked the moment where everybody bows downs to Akiyama in Yakuza 5, the last one I finished

  141. HitoshuraRaidou says:

    The be my baby sidequest in Yakuza 2. It’s so ridiculous. XD

  142. Luke says:

    I can’t say which of the Yakuza franchise moments is my favourite. No way I can pick just one. I have a carousel of pictures in my mind right now.

    WELL… maybe grabbing a bull by its horns in Yakuza 3 since it was a really cool homage to Masutatsu Ōyama? But I really don’t know, so many other amazing moments come to mind…

  143. Sonee2000 says:

    Saejima’s Hit on the Ueno Seiwa

  144. moonphx says:

    When Saejima has to fight a giant bear in Yakuza 5.

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