SEGA and Humble Bundle giving away Company of Heroes 2 keys


SEGA and Humble Bundle have teamed up for holiday giveaway. What are they giving away? Company of Heroes 2 keys! What if you already have the game? According to Relic Entertainment’s blog, they want you to pick up a key for your friend and teach them how to play the game.

Get your free Company of Heroes 2 keys here. 

According to the blog post, the number of keys are limited and there is also a time limit. I guess it will close either when they run out of Company of Heroes 2 keys or after a day and 20 hours (when this post goes up). If you ever wanted to try a Relic’s Company of Heroes 2 game, this is your chance to give it a go for free!

[Source: CoH’s Blog]

Giveaway: Sonic Mania Introduction Manual

Sonic Mania Website

We’re giving away twenty Sonic Mania Introduction Manuals, courtesy of SEGA. One of the ways to win a Sonic the Hedgehog manual is to comment on this post letting us know your favorite piece of fan service added to Sonic Mania. Five comments will be chosen as winners, make sure your comment has a valid email address (the email field is private). The contest starts from the day this post is live and ends on August 19, 2017 at 6:00PM PST.

To increase your chances of winning we will also be giving away five Sonic Mania Introduction Manuals on the following social media sites:

Due to the high amount of manuals that I will have to ship out, this contest is only open to people in the United States.

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SEGAbits and TailsChannel presents Sonic’s 23rd Anniversary Comic Giveaway!

Hello Sonic fans, Kori-Maru of SEGAbits here to announce a collaboration with Tails Channel, the popular Sonic News Channel on Youtube! To celebrate Sonic’s 23rd Anniversary, we will be giving away six Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics to one lucky fan. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps for a chance to win!

  • Follow @TailsChannel and @SEGABits on Twitter.
  • Write a Tweet about your favorite Archie Sonic Comic moment using the hashtag #sonic23on23. (If you don’t read the comics, just put your favorite Sonic moment in general.)

The contest ends on June 30th and from there we will pick the lucky winner!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our channels, Tails Channel and SEGAbits, for more exciting Sonic and SEGA related content! We also wish the fastest thing alive a happy 23rd Anniversary and many more to come.

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Contest: Win a Jet Set Radio hoodie or soundtrack!

Now that Jet Set Radio week is in full effect, let’s talk about our contest. We will be giving away Jet Set Radio hoodies and Japanese soundtracks via our twitter account. Make sure you follow and retweet the tweet below to enter.

The week isn’t over, we will also be streaming Jet Set Radio via our Twitch channel this Thursday at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST. Tune in, before Captain Onishima tries to shut down the stream!

Contest: How to win one of three Yakuza: Dead Souls swag packs

Hey guys, we have three Yakuza: Dead Souls swag packs. Not only are there going to be three winners, we also have three items per winner in a pack. If you win you will get a fake Kazuma tattoo sleeve, Goro Majima replica eye patch and a deck of Yakuza: Dead Souls branded playing cards.

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Comment on this forum post, a winner will be chosen at random.
  2. Tweet the following message to be automatically entered to win a pack on twitter:
    “Enter to win 1 of 3 awesome Yakuza: Dead Souls swag packs. Three ways to win, click link for details: “
  3. Like us on our Facebook and comment on this wall post to be entered.

Since last time we had issues knowing when the contest was going to end I’ll make it clear now. Winners will have their usernames posted on the blog, if you don’t like this, don’t enter. If you win and don’t get back to me within 48 hours, someone else is going to get your prize. This contest is open world wide. THE CONTEST ENDS THIS WEDNESDAY.

Contest: Tweet and win a Sonic related shirt from Insert Coin Clothing

Today we are giving one lucky twitter follower a Sonic related t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing. You can either pick the bright blue Team Sonic shirt or be a bad guy with the Eggman inspired t-shirt. I have to say, that Eggman shirt sure does look nice. So how do you enter and win one of these bad boys? Simple, follow us and retweet the message below:

Follow @SEGAbits and retweet this message to be entered to win a Sonic shirt from @insertcointees. More details:

A winner will be picked in random and notified by twitter that they won. The winner will be picked on Thursday at noon. Happy tweeting!


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Contest: Win a copy of Binary Domain and a limited edition Binary Domain backpack

This contest is for two PS3 copies of Binary Domain and 2 limited edition Binary Domain backpacks. How do you enter? Tell us in the comment section what your favorite SEGA robot is. That simple. On Friday we will pick 2 winners.

This contest is worldwide. Please do not comment more than once. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address when commenting so we can contact you.

Follow us: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube 

CONTEST OVER: The contest is over and the two winners have been e-mailed. Thanks for entering!

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The Sega Hype Giveaway!

Shigs here. Wanna win some neat crap I got at the San Diego Comic Con? Then you’d better have some writing skills!

Are you talkin’ about Sonic Generations? Are you bursting to play Aliens? Maybe chomping at the bit for Binary Domain? How about grooving for some Rhythm Thief? Tell us in one Paragraph in the comments section why you’re hyped for a particular 2011/2012 Sega game and you’ll get a chance to win these 3 prizes…

1. A copy of the San Diego Comic-Con Edition of Sonic #226 autographed by Ian Flynn. One of only 1,000 copies made!

2. A pair of Sonic Generations buttons.

3. A full set of the 3 poster prints given out at the Sega Arcade.


One winner will be chosen by me based on the quality of the writing.

All comments need to be made by Tues, Sept 27. The winner will be announced on Sept 28.

One paragraph! I have a lot of entries to read, so keep it short but sweet.

Only one comment per entry. One entry per person. That means if you comment more than once, you’re out.

I will ship to any country that allows giveaways. Some countries may be prohibited depending on laws.

Segabits staff members are non-eligible.

The winner will be announced on the front page on Wednesday, Sept 28. The winner will need to PM me on our forums.

Good luck and believe the hype!

By the way, are you a Sonic fan who wants a second shot at 2/3rds of these prizes? Would you rather have an “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” animation cell instead of the Sega posters? Then head to The Sonic Stadium.

Sonic Boom shirt and button winners are…

[This is what the post would have been like in the early ’90s]

We have now picked three winners for our Sonic Boom shirts and buttons contest, which actually went online the day of Sonic’s 20th birthday. Isn’t that a neat fact. So who won?

  1. Jermaine Taris (boondocksamurai)
  2. Sara (Saraluna23)
  3. Bex

If you won, contact us with the subject line “Sonic Boom shirt & buttons winner”. Specify if you want the merchandise signed, the size of shirt desired, and your mailing address. Winners have a week to get their information to us. If not, we will give away the prizes to someone else who entered.

Didn’t win? We have 2 more shirts to giv eaway. How do you get them? WE WILL GIVE YOU DETAILS ON THE SWINGIN’ REPORT SHOW PODCAST THIS FRIDAY!


Sonic Boom t-shirt and buttons giveaway

Celebrating Sonic’s birthday? We are too, by giving away some Sonic Boom swag for those of you that didn’t make it to the event. Here’s what we have to give away:

  • 3 Sonic Boom shirts
  • 3 Sonic Generations buttons
(Winner gets one of each item. Contest open worldwide. Shirt sizes available: S, M, L, XL. Contest closes on Wednesday.)

How do you enter? We want to hear your Sonic story. Tell us how you were introduced to the blue blur and what made you fall in love with the franchise. You can send your e-mails here. Also, make the email subject “Sonic 20th anniversary contest.”

The SOA staff said they are willing to sign the swag. If you win, whether you want your swag signed will be up to you. Thanks to all the SOA people for supporting this site and contest by giving fans sweet swag. We love it.

DC Collection Giveaway winners are…

  1. Facebook winner is  Daniel T. Brengel = DC Vinyl
  2. Twitter winner is  Chronorayven = DC collection for 360
  3. E-mail winner is Sky.God = DC Hoodie

There you go, give us an e-mail (segabits @ with your address. Make the header “DC Collection Winner”. Thanks for all who entered.

*If a winner doesn’t respond within a week, we will give the prizes to another person.

Alpha Protocol giveaway winner is…

The winner of the 8gb iPod Touch is Johnathan Weeks who gave us this gadget. The Rocket Skate Shoe. Here is his description of the gadget:

The Rocket Skate Shoe (R.S.S) is a transforming shoe that turns from your standard footwear into a high speed pair of skates. It is an ideal item on missions where a quick escape is vital.

Each shoe has a single skate wheel in the front and a single skate wheel at the rear. Both wheels are connected to a metal plate that is connected to a hinge. When the “skate mechanism button” is pushed, it releases the lock holding the hinges in place until both wheels are under the shoe where the hinges are lock in place again. Pressing the button again returns the wheels to the side of the shoe.

At the rear of each shoe’s heel are the “boost doors.” When the “rocket boost button” is pushed the doors open quickly and the rocket boost becomes activated. Pushing the “rocket boost button” again turns off the fuel hidden within the soles and the door close.